Front Hall Design – Redux (pt 1)


It hasn't been that long since I gave my front hall a makeover, but here I am... showing you the latest! I'm going to have to break this update into two posts since there's just so much to share. LOL. When I last updated this hallway, I was bursting with colour MADNESS after jumping on the Young … [Read more...]

If you’ll wait for me, then I will come for you…


(When in doubt, the lyrics of a beloved song always make a great blog title!) HELLO! Remember me? Yah.. likely not. I had a cop behind me yesterday on the road and I totally expected to get pulled over for failing to blog. LOL. Sorry for the disappearance, it just ain't easy finding the time with … [Read more...]

A wee update, and a very exciting “PS”!


Well this has been quite a trip.  Many months ago my husband started bugging me about writing a blog.  I knew that I wanted to do it, and I knew I'd really enjoy it!  But I also knew that once I start something I'm not always so great about sticking with it, and I didn't want to add yet another … [Read more...]