Yo Easter, Ima’ let you finish…


Okay so I learned a very important blogging lesson this weekend: don't post on a holiday because no one reads it anyway! LOL... I was pretty pumped to share my "Organization Station" post, but y'all were busy stuffing your faces with ham or chocolate or wine or whatever.. and I don't blame you one … [Read more...]

The Ikea cart that owns my heart!


During one of my many Ikea trips, I recently discovered the joy that is the Raskog Kitchen Cart! I should mention that I do NOT get free stuff on this blog. I don't get paid to endorse anything and any items that I share with you awesome people, I only do so because I LURVE them. Even as this blog … [Read more...]

Craft time!! The 10 minute DIY stuffed animal holder..

SUPER easy and quick DIY stuffed animal holder - HystericallyEverAfter.com

***Update!*** This post is by far my most popular... it has been shared thousands of times over on Facebook and Pinterest, and I'm so happy that so many people have found it useful! I've updated it to include a more "pin friendly" pic, so please - keep sharing!! xoMB Okay so my 8 year old daughter … [Read more...]