The IKEA 2015 Catalogue is here!!

Ikea Catalogue

(Alternate Titles - "Happiness in Paper Form", or "The Best Day of the Year") So here it is... oh happy day!! I am the first to admit that I get super excited for the new catalogue each year - but at the same time I do often find it to be more of the same stuff they usually carry.  I usually … [Read more...]

Creative (and cheap!) Solutions for Hiding Cords

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Today's post might not be flashy, but it still brought me big time joy.My house had CORD issues. We are a tech house - as in, my husband needs to own every freaking gadget there is, and he needs to own what appears to be multiple versions of each one. lol... we have xboxes and Wiis and blu ray … [Read more...]

The Ikea cart that owns my heart!


During one of my many Ikea trips, I recently discovered the joy that is the Raskog Kitchen Cart! I should mention that I do NOT get free stuff on this blog. I don't get paid to endorse anything and any items that I share with you awesome people, I only do so because I LURVE them. Even as this blog … [Read more...]

So you shrunk your curtains…

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No? Oh... it must have been me then. *oops* I have this problem where I ignore washing instructions and I just throw everything in there, cross my fingers and hope for the best. I would say that 9/10 times it all works out, but once in a while I get a kick in the ass for being lazy, and I know I … [Read more...]

Nobody puts baby in a corner… but a closet works for us!

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Well, I think I am finally learning from the disapproving eye of my husband error of my ways, and am starting to get my projects under control. I've recently realized that it truly makes sense to start and complete one thing before moving on to the next.  (What a revelation - I know!) But I have … [Read more...]