Shame, shame, now we ALL know your name..

bully 1

Dear Parents, Yes - you... the ones with teenagers, babies, tweens and toddlers... I have a question for you. When did parenting become about shaming? When did we go from teaching, nurturing, correcting and loving to humiliating, yelling, punishing and degrading? I saw a story on the news this … [Read more...]

Through the years, we all will be together… if the fates allow.


I sure haven't felt much like writing lately. There is just SO much sadness hanging in the air, and I know I'm not alone in feeling it.  Doesn't it seem like just as we recover and begin to move forward from one tragedy, another occurs?  It's just so SENSELESS.  Don't get me wrong, walking into your … [Read more...]

Stay tuned..


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to recover from a bug that has knocked our entire family OUT. I'm dying to write but every time I try someone cries or sneezes or spikes a fever or throws up. Good times. Normally when I hear one of my kids sneeze I toss out a "bless you" from the … [Read more...]