No Man is an Island… but a crafty woman can build one!

Our kitchen island was a hunk of junk. Honestly - it has a been a serious source of rage. I bought it second hand for about $50, I can't remember exactly how much. It was an online ad, and I drove like 40 minutes to pick it up... so when I arrived and saw how crappy it actually WAS, I was in a … [Read more...]

Craft time! Part 1 – the T-shirt Bag

photo 1

Oh craft time, how I love thee!!! A few crafts to share today, I will break them into separate posts for ya. First off, the T-shirt Bag!  I am loving this one a lot more than I even thought I would, it's awesome.  I have a great double stroller but it has NOT so great storage underneath.. these … [Read more...]