“I feel pretty! So pretty!” (That’s my kitchen singing…)

iPhone Pics Aug 31 2013 027

I LOVE fall, but at the same time I hate this time of year. It's just so busy... shopping and last minute summer plans... back to school planning and everything just seems frantic. It sucks. How is it labour day weekend already? I can't believe I haven't written in like a month.. it's awful. … [Read more...]

A place to rest my weary… rear!


Oh I am on a ROLL now, people. This is getting exciting. This is going to look like a completely different house when I'm finished with it! THE DREAM: Soothing... Calming... Beachy... Elegant... THE REALITY: Ugly, bright & garish... No flow, just a bunch of STUFF and a colour … [Read more...]

My new little piece of heaven!

1 - Before

Well I have just finished my very first "refinishing" project - and I am SO EXCITED about it. Five minutes after it was done I was thinking about what I will do differently next time, but oh well... It's the same as when I am unpacking groceries, as I empty the bags I'm making the new list as I … [Read more...]

Buried alive!


Oh my god... I am reeeeeeally in over my head this time. When I take on so much that I can't even find to blog, I know I'm in trouble. Between painting the kitchen cabinets, redecorating the entire main floor and rescuing WAY too many pieces of fabulous (but desperately tragic) furniture from … [Read more...]