Consciously Un-cosleeping

Ella - iPhone 141

You know what sucks? (Other than Gwyneth Paltrow's ridiculous terminology?) This: I know, I know. She's two. In fact, she's almost three (February) and I KNOW that she should be in her own bed - ideally in her own room. But should she? REALLY? Says who? My parents? Old ladies at the grocery … [Read more...]

Teacher… Protector… Friend…

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I plan to be back to my regular posting schedule next week, but since Father's Day is upon us this weekend I thought I would share one of my more special entries once more!  (There's a link at the bottom of this post) Fathers and their kids can have quite a complex relationship, and in my house it … [Read more...]

Shame, shame, now we ALL know your name..

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Dear Parents, Yes - you... the ones with teenagers, babies, tweens and toddlers... I have a question for you. When did parenting become about shaming? When did we go from teaching, nurturing, correcting and loving to humiliating, yelling, punishing and degrading? I saw a story on the news this … [Read more...]

A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love…


A man becomes a father in the blink of an eye. Women have nine months of growing, kicking, doctor or midwife visits, nausea and cravings... but men can really only nod, smile, sympathize and hold our hands. That is, until a screaming, goopy, naked bundle of human comes flopping into this world - and … [Read more...]