You Can Look at This, or You Can Look at That…


Today's post is going to be pretty brief, but only because I'm directing you elsewhere... LOL. I've gotten a few requests lately to post my "Before & Afters" in one spot, and hey - when you speak, I listen. I'm just really super nice like that. So I've added a page to the top menu of the … [Read more...]

Ice, Ice, Baby…

Ice Storm Dec 22 2013 080

Yup... I'm old. It's okay... back then it was a damn good song and you know you liked it too! Sometimes, not often - but sometimes, I have the foresight to know that I'm looking at something pretty cool and I should take advantage because I will want to use it later. Most of my projects are … [Read more...]

Living Room Reveal


Well, I finally have a completed room in this house! At least for now. lol. Our living room has gone through an enormous transformation over the last six years. What started out as very plain and old fashioned has finally become a fresh, bright, open space for my family to gather and enjoy! Here is … [Read more...]