Real Talk


Dear Husband, We've been married for six years this summer, and we've had kids for all of them. You've likely noticed that when I manage to squeeze in a shower (at 6:30pm on a Tuesday after dinner while you play with the kids) I'm up there for a long time. Actually, I know you've noticed, because … [Read more...]


My last baby - hysterically ever after

Something happens to you when you have a baby, and you know with certainty that it's your last. Something inside you changes, and a door closes. This door that's been open for as long as you can remember, is closed. I was the girl who was dreaming about marriage and babies when I was 10. I was … [Read more...]


The word tomorrow is precious to me. It's so full of promise and hope... a gift dangling just around the corner that I always look forward to discovering... but it isn't always easy to keep my eyes on the prize, I'm the first to admit.In a 48 hour span, Robin Willams lost his battle with depression, … [Read more...]

Moms Rock. All of ’em.

open letter

Okay so a little disclaimer before I begin today's post... I'm not sure how to write an open letter about how much I hate open letters without sounding like the biggest hypocrite in the world. So I just won't write "Open Letter". That works. So what's WITH all these open letters lately? Sure if … [Read more...]