Real Talk


Dear Husband, We've been married for six years this summer, and we've had kids for all of them. You've likely noticed that when I manage to squeeze in a shower (at 6:30pm on a Tuesday after dinner while you play with the kids) I'm up there for a long time. Actually, I know you've noticed, because … [Read more...]

Exciting News!

The official book cover!

A while back I began following a page on Facebook called "Feel Good Giving Birth". It's an empowering look at birth and motherhood, with the stance that all women are capable and strong, and shouldn't fear bringing their baby into the world. I dig it. Those of you who've been reading for some time … [Read more...]

Mmmmmm… coffee.


Right now my son is chasing one of our dogs. He's screaming at the top of his lungs "OOOOGA BOOOGA BOOOGA!" and they're both having a ball. My two year old daughter is standing next to me, crying because she can't find Woody's hat. My husband, freshly home from his business trip, seems to be hiding … [Read more...]

That’s me – Coordinator of Domestic Chaos!


What have I been up to, you ask?? Well... what HAVEN'T I been up to is the better question! There are two schools of thought on my endless stream of activity... lol. If you ask my husband, I'm likely defined as a humongous bit of a scatterbrain. Okay, more than likely. I know it makes him nuts … [Read more...]

Shame, shame, now we ALL know your name..

bully 1

Dear Parents, Yes - you... the ones with teenagers, babies, tweens and toddlers... I have a question for you. When did parenting become about shaming? When did we go from teaching, nurturing, correcting and loving to humiliating, yelling, punishing and degrading? I saw a story on the news this … [Read more...]