Ten Things That Robin Williams’ Movies Taught Me


"Carpe Diem"... seize the day. We've all said it a million times, but do we do it? Do we live like each day is our last? Is that even possible? I'm sitting here completely heartbroken as I watch the news and learn that the BRILLIANT, enigmatic, effervescent, hilarious, eclectic legend Robin … [Read more...]

That’s me – Coordinator of Domestic Chaos!


What have I been up to, you ask?? Well... what HAVEN'T I been up to is the better question! There are two schools of thought on my endless stream of activity... lol. If you ask my husband, I'm likely defined as a humongous bit of a scatterbrain. Okay, more than likely. I know it makes him nuts … [Read more...]

Shame, shame, now we ALL know your name..

bully 1

Dear Parents, Yes - you... the ones with teenagers, babies, tweens and toddlers... I have a question for you. When did parenting become about shaming? When did we go from teaching, nurturing, correcting and loving to humiliating, yelling, punishing and degrading? I saw a story on the news this … [Read more...]