DIY: No-Sew Curtains From a Table Cloth!

Samsung Oct 6 2015 112

I've been dying to try out some super cool curtain options I've been seeing on Pinterest lately... making them out of bedsheets and swaths of fabric seems so simple, and with things like fabric tape and glue guns it seems like it couldn't be any easier! So when I was at Target a while back with my … [Read more...]

The Ikea cart that owns my heart!


During one of my many Ikea trips, I recently discovered the joy that is the Raskog Kitchen Cart! I should mention that I do NOT get free stuff on this blog. I don't get paid to endorse anything and any items that I share with you awesome people, I only do so because I LURVE them. Even as this blog … [Read more...]

Nobody puts baby in a corner… but a closet works for us!

iPhone June 29 2013 085

Well, I think I am finally learning from the disapproving eye of my husband error of my ways, and am starting to get my projects under control. I've recently realized that it truly makes sense to start and complete one thing before moving on to the next.  (What a revelation - I know!) But I have … [Read more...]

My neverending quest for storage & organization!

Closet organizer

Wanted to share this great idea this morning.  As I mentioned before I live in an OLD house that I HATE.  It's almost 70 years old and among it's many shortcomings is a total lack of storage.  So, I am always searching for ways to maximize the little space that we have, and I also love this because … [Read more...]