10 reasons why having kids is just like living with college roommates.

Peanuts pig-pen

My kids are sick, and I'm trapped in a small building with lots of little people coughing and sneezing on me. During these times I get very little done, since there's usually at least one of them draped across my lap refusing to let me move, and the other day I started looking around and wondering … [Read more...]

A place to rest my weary… rear!


Oh I am on a ROLL now, people. This is getting exciting. This is going to look like a completely different house when I'm finished with it! THE DREAM: Soothing... Calming... Beachy... Elegant... THE REALITY: Ugly, bright & garish... No flow, just a bunch of STUFF and a colour … [Read more...]

If you can’t beat ’em…

iPhone pics June 2013 024

Ahh, home sweet home. I was thinking this morning about my love of decorating our home, and how it might relate to my Postpartum Depression. Don't get me wrong, I've ALWAYS been one to rearrange the furniture and search out great accessories, etc... but my interest in all things domestic seems to … [Read more...]

Buried alive!


Oh my god... I am reeeeeeally in over my head this time. When I take on so much that I can't even find to blog, I know I'm in trouble. Between painting the kitchen cabinets, redecorating the entire main floor and rescuing WAY too many pieces of fabulous (but desperately tragic) furniture from … [Read more...]

Whip it, whip it good! (Into shape, that is..)

photo 2

So it's 3:39pm on a Wednesday and I am sitting here on the couch, still in my pjs. Is that wrong? Okay well maybe I can get away with it once in a while... but the kids are still in theirs too. Oops! You know what? It's raining and grey and cold and my husband had to take the van to work today … [Read more...]