Cottage weekend -

So, apparently I'm taking the summer off from blogging. Whoops! That wasn't planned... I'm just so busy with three kids at home. There is soccer (a total of five times a week between two of the kids!), trips, family events and LOTS of work around the house. We are only about three weeks into summer … [Read more...]


give thanks

Well, folks, it's Thanksgiving today in Canadialand, and while I'm chock full o' gratitude for my wonderful family and friends, I also like to take a moment to truly appreciate the things that REALLY make my days bright. You know, important stuff - like lip balm and and trips to Target! I wrote a … [Read more...]

A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love…


A man becomes a father in the blink of an eye. Women have nine months of growing, kicking, doctor or midwife visits, nausea and cravings... but men can really only nod, smile, sympathize and hold our hands. That is, until a screaming, goopy, naked bundle of human comes flopping into this world - and … [Read more...]