Moody blues… and greens… and greys


I still shake my head and wonder what the HEY-ALLL I was thinking when I decorated the main floor of this house.  I know I referenced it in a previous post, but it's honestly worth mentioning again... It. Sucked. It was just so dated and so dark and so BORING. I'm really enjoying the … [Read more...]

A place to rest my weary… rear!


Oh I am on a ROLL now, people. This is getting exciting. This is going to look like a completely different house when I'm finished with it! THE DREAM: Soothing... Calming... Beachy... Elegant... THE REALITY: Ugly, bright & garish... No flow, just a bunch of STUFF and a colour … [Read more...]

Christmas Decor – The Ultimate Top 10 List of Simple, Inexpensive DIYs to Beautify Your Home This Season!!

Noel letters

I cannot believe it's December already!  Someone told me once that the older you get, the faster the years go by, and I'm sad to say that I am finding it to be true. There is always good to be found, however - this year we will be a family of five at Christmas for the first time!  I cannot wait … [Read more...]

Craft Time – part two… the Wine Bottle Nightlight!

iPhone October 2012 236

I know I was going to post this yesterday, but I was tired and when the kids finally crashed I was behind them by about five minutes. SO, here we go! I saw this one online a while back (can't remember where) and ran out to get my supplies!  Then I did nothing.  lol.. I don't know why, but I … [Read more...]