Basement evolution

basement before

When we bought this house almost six years ago, we did NOT buy it for the basement. Because this home is so old, the basement is pretty cut off and pretty dark. Sure it has those high windows and a a decent sized living area, but it wasn't anything special. It didn't really matter at the time, it … [Read more...]

Closet nook update… (and makeover fail)

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I'm skipping wish list Wednesday this week to share an update that I've been meaning to post. I'm kinda sad to share this one, to be honest. When I posted a while ago about the amazing little makeover I have given the closet in Ella's room I was SO excited and loving absolutely everything about … [Read more...]

My name is Mary Beth and I am a Dumpster Diver.

free table

Yes, it's a little embarrassing... but I have to say, I've had my fair share of AMAZING finds in recent years. Yes, I admit, sometimes I have told my husband I found something on the side of the road when I have, in fact, paid $40 for it on Craig's List... But to be honest, most of the time I am … [Read more...]

My little front hall reveal!

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Let me start by asking you this: was anyone else up on a stool and drilling at 7am?? Anyone? No? Okay then... it was just me. That's okay, I got off to a very productive start and managed to kill two birds with one stone which is awesome! (Although really, can we retire that expression already? … [Read more...]

Wish List Wednesday – EVERYTHING!

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Oh my gosh, you guys. Last night I discovered Polyvore.  My life is complete, and I will hereby spend my days ignoring my family, my wifely duties and all other hobbies as I better the world by creating fabulous MOOD BOARDS! Seriously, HOW did I not know about this website before? I was up … [Read more...]