My last baby - hysterically ever after

Something happens to you when you have a baby, and you know with certainty that it's your last. Something inside you changes, and a door closes. This door that's been open for as long as you can remember, is closed. I was the girl who was dreaming about marriage and babies when I was 10. I was … [Read more...]

Exciting News!

The official book cover!

A while back I began following a page on Facebook called "Feel Good Giving Birth". It's an empowering look at birth and motherhood, with the stance that all women are capable and strong, and shouldn't fear bringing their baby into the world. I dig it. Those of you who've been reading for some time … [Read more...]

Me & My Midwife – a love story

appt room

Since posting sweet baby E's birth story, I've had a lot of messages and questions about using midwives, which I am MORE than happy to discuss! Every mother-to-be has different needs, different desires, different birth plans... so please don't think I am telling you that my way is the only way. I … [Read more...]