Summer Roundup!

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Hey blog friends! I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. I know that many of my American pals (and some Canadian ones too!) are already back into the full swing of fall, but we aren't there quite yet. School for my kids begins on Tuesday, so this is our final weekend of freedom up here! We … [Read more...]

My little front hall reveal!

iPhone Pics August 10 2013 162

Let me start by asking you this: was anyone else up on a stool and drilling at 7am?? Anyone? No? Okay then... it was just me. That's okay, I got off to a very productive start and managed to kill two birds with one stone which is awesome! (Although really, can we retire that expression already? … [Read more...]

Come & knock on my door…


I'll be waiting for youuuuuu! (haha okay I'm actually singing as I type, so I'll stop now.) Today has been an exciting day for me! Something I've been dreaming about and planning for some time is finally coming to fruition, and I'm very proud to share my news with you! I've decided to take the … [Read more...]