A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..

Ahhhh the “postpartum post”. I wasn’t going to write it so soon, but the mood has struck and I actually feel like blogging even more than I feel like watching Bachelor Pad right now!  (That’s a LOT!) I have three kids, and to be honest I think I was suffering after the birth of my second, but … [Read more...]

Craft time!! The 10 minute DIY stuffed animal holder..

SUPER easy and quick DIY stuffed animal holder - HystericallyEverAfter.com

***Update!*** This post is by far my most popular... it has been shared thousands of times over on Facebook and Pinterest, and I'm so happy that so many people have found it useful! I've updated it to include a more "pin friendly" pic, so please - keep sharing!! xoMB Okay so my 8 year old daughter … [Read more...]