Birthday Musings…

36th bday 016

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to be 37. I have no idea how that happened... I'm pretty sure that I'm still 25, but I guess I'm not. I think that everyone has that "internal age" that they never really pass.  I don't think anyone ever truly feels their actual age. I sure don't. I … [Read more...]

That’s me – Coordinator of Domestic Chaos!


What have I been up to, you ask?? Well... what HAVEN'T I been up to is the better question! There are two schools of thought on my endless stream of activity... lol. If you ask my husband, I'm likely defined as a humongous bit of a scatterbrain. Okay, more than likely. I know it makes him nuts … [Read more...]

If you can’t beat ’em…

iPhone pics June 2013 024

Ahh, home sweet home. I was thinking this morning about my love of decorating our home, and how it might relate to my Postpartum Depression. Don't get me wrong, I've ALWAYS been one to rearrange the furniture and search out great accessories, etc... but my interest in all things domestic seems to … [Read more...]

If you’ll wait for me, then I will come for you…


(When in doubt, the lyrics of a beloved song always make a great blog title!) HELLO! Remember me? Yah.. likely not. I had a cop behind me yesterday on the road and I totally expected to get pulled over for failing to blog. LOL. Sorry for the disappearance, it just ain't easy finding the time with … [Read more...]