Mish Mash Monday!

samsung july 21 2014 366

No,┬ádon't worry.. this won't be a weekly "thing"... lol. I'm just trying to get caught up after taking a little vacay, so this week will likely┬ábe a bunch of updates on the projects I've been working on. I vanished for a little bit because at the last minute the hubs decided to take last week off of … [Read more...]

Nailed it!

weight loss

No really... I did. Lately this expression seems to be used mainly for failed Pinterest experiments, lol, but today I am sincere. I weighed in on Saturday for the first time at Weight Watchers. I joined the Saturday prior and was SO diligent about eating well, tracking my food and exercising as … [Read more...]

100 Things About Me…


1. My dream job would be a writer for People magazine. 2. They have published six of my letters. 3. My husband was so excited that my engagement ring arrived that he proposed to me in the driveway through my open car door and my seat belt was still on. 4. I love vacuuming. 5. Folding … [Read more...]