Consciously Un-cosleeping

Ella - iPhone 141

You know what sucks? (Other than Gwyneth Paltrow's ridiculous terminology?) This: I know, I know. She's two. In fact, she's almost three (February) and I KNOW that she should be in her own bed - ideally in her own room. But should she? REALLY? Says who? My parents? Old ladies at the grocery … [Read more...]

Exciting News!

The official book cover!

A while back I began following a page on Facebook called "Feel Good Giving Birth". It's an empowering look at birth and motherhood, with the stance that all women are capable and strong, and shouldn't fear bringing their baby into the world. I dig it. Those of you who've been reading for some time … [Read more...]


give thanks

Well, folks, it's Thanksgiving today in Canadialand, and while I'm chock full o' gratitude for my wonderful family and friends, I also like to take a moment to truly appreciate the things that REALLY make my days bright. You know, important stuff - like lip balm and and trips to Target! I wrote a … [Read more...]

Taking the Plunge!


Well, not THAT plunge... that one was five years ago now. It ain't a party without maracas!! No, this is another kind of plunge that I've been thinking about for a long time... I'm going full-throttle with my blog and moving to a self hosting site. This is HUGE for me... what it means is I will … [Read more...]