Creative (and cheap!) Solutions for Hiding Cords

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Today's post might not be flashy, but it still brought me big time joy.My house had CORD issues. We are a tech house - as in, my husband needs to own every freaking gadget there is, and he needs to own what appears to be multiple versions of each one. lol... we have xboxes and Wiis and blu ray … [Read more...]

You Can Look at This, or You Can Look at That…


Today's post is going to be pretty brief, but only because I'm directing you elsewhere... LOL. I've gotten a few requests lately to post my "Before & Afters" in one spot, and hey - when you speak, I listen. I'm just really super nice like that. So I've added a page to the top menu of the … [Read more...]

Counters and cabinets and cupboards – oh my!

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Holy cow, I don't even know where to begin with this one! To bring you up to speed, let's do a quick recap... When we bought our house, the main bathroom (the ONLY one in the entire house other than a small powder room in the basement) looked like this: After six years we finally decided … [Read more...]

Bad Blogger…

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SIGH. Sitting down at the computer and starting it up was literally the equivalent of getting a massage for me just now. The last few weeks I haven't had much to say. I've doubted the value of blogging and questioned why anyone would ever care what I have to say about anything... but it doesn't … [Read more...]