Front Hall Design – Redux (pt 1)


It hasn't been that long since I gave my front hall a makeover, but here I am... showing you the latest! I'm going to have to break this update into two posts since there's just so much to share. LOL. When I last updated this hallway, I was bursting with colour MADNESS after jumping on the Young … [Read more...]

The Little Bookcase That Could


I like to rescue things. Sometimes animals, but mostly furniture. So when I was driving down the street and saw this sad, neglected, discarded little thing, I knew I had to give it a home. Home awful that someone thought it was beyond help, not worth caring for! Furniture has feelings too you … [Read more...]

Friday Filler

Photo credit: Mango Reclaimed

Hello! Remember last week when  I was all excited to have my new page set up and I said I'd be back to my usual posting schedule come Monday? Yah. I got pneumonia. Let's not dwell on this... I'm going to whine just once and then move on... but honestly, I AM SO SICK. It's the worst. Being at stay … [Read more...]

The IKEA 2015 Catalogue is here!!

Ikea Catalogue

(Alternate Titles - "Happiness in Paper Form", or "The Best Day of the Year") So here it is... oh happy day!! I am the first to admit that I get super excited for the new catalogue each year - but at the same time I do often find it to be more of the same stuff they usually carry.  I usually … [Read more...]

See You in September…


Oh wait... SOB... how did that happen? Ugh. I don't know about where you guys all live, but around here (Toronto) it just wasn't very "summery" this summer. Pretty cruddy weather made it zip by in no time, and I can't believe it's over. Oh well... fall is my favourite season, so I'll deal. And I … [Read more...]