Ice, Ice, Baby…

Ice Storm Dec 22 2013 080

Yup... I'm old. It's okay... back then it was a damn good song and you know you liked it too! Sometimes, not often - but sometimes, I have the foresight to know that I'm looking at something pretty cool and I should take advantage because I will want to use it later. Most of my projects are … [Read more...]

Yo Easter, Ima’ let you finish…


Okay so I learned a very important blogging lesson this weekend: don't post on a holiday because no one reads it anyway! LOL... I was pretty pumped to share my "Organization Station" post, but y'all were busy stuffing your faces with ham or chocolate or wine or whatever.. and I don't blame you one … [Read more...]

My little front hall reveal!

iPhone Pics August 10 2013 162

Let me start by asking you this: was anyone else up on a stool and drilling at 7am?? Anyone? No? Okay then... it was just me. That's okay, I got off to a very productive start and managed to kill two birds with one stone which is awesome! (Although really, can we retire that expression already? … [Read more...]