Interested in advertising on Hysterically Ever After?

After recently switching to a self-hosted service I am now ready to incorporate ads into the page. I’m looking for relevant content that can offer interest and value to my readers – home decor, family and food related items or services are just some of the areas I cover on the blog and are great examples of the kind of ads my readers would benefit from!

I offer two types of advertising on HEA: sponsored posts and visual ads.

Sponsored posts will need to be relevant to the blog and will be approved by me. They will contain my personal review of the product or service that you provide, and will include direct links to your business.

Visual ads come in various forms, as I have multiple formats and pricing structures available on the page. Banner ads, side bar boxes… it’s up to you!

Hysterically Ever After is a blog that is growing daily. Statistical info can be provided upon request, as it’s rising constantly!

For ad inquiries please contact me directly at

Thanks so much for your interest!