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Welcome to Hysterically Ever After – my little creative corner! (For the record, my husband says this page should be called “Crazy Furniture Lady”.)
However, I digress…

I’m Mary Beth, a 37 year old mom of three & Coordinator of Chaos.

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 My three beautiful children are the greatest love of my life.. Two daughters  (Taya – Jan/2004, Ella – Feb/2012) and one son (Callum – May/2010).

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We live outside Toronto, Ontario in an old house that my husband loves and I despise.. LOL.. this will be the topic of many a post I am sure. My husband Alex and I were married in August 2009, and we had Cal nine months and three days later! We are pretty much flying by the seat of our pants these days. It’s very fast paced around here… the kids are LOUD, it’s busy and on top of that of course we have two dogs and a cat in this small home.  Some days are great, some not so much.  It’s definitely an interesting road that we are on, with good days and bad, laughter and tears.



I’ve lived in this area all my life and can’t imagine I’d ever stray very far from it. My older daughter is from a previous relationship and her dad lives very close by, which is great.  They are very close and I think we manage to live a pretty awesome “blended” existence.  Again, lots to blog about there. I come from divorced parents myself and I have a lot of opinions on the ups and downs of this modern family unit.  From maintaining a great relationship with my ex to nurturing a successful one between my husband and daughter, I give everything I have to my family and I am always looking for ways to help us grow together and stay strong.

After the birth of my third child I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I debated for a while about sharing this info with anyone other than my immediate family, but it’s such a part of what my life is about right now, and the whole point of a blog is to share. There is a stigma attached to it, I am afraid that people look at me differently or think I am broken and I’m not.  I am just busy, overwhelmed, tired, a little scared and a little isolated.  Being an at-home mom is pretty secluded.  I get out when I can, I schedule play dates and coffees and of course Facebook is wonderful for staying in touch with other busy mamas, but I lack that day to day contact with other adults.  My days are not exactly filled with a lot of mental stimulation, and that’s tough.  So I’ll be sharing my journey through this as well.

Through it all we all know that humour is KEY!  If I go a whole day without laughing I know I need to shake things up a bit.

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So, this is my outlet.  A place just for ME to share my thoughts and let it all hang out.  I have stories to share, crafty ideas, recipes and more all on the way.

Thanks for joining me!

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xo Mary Beth