Laundry Room Plans

The house is coming along, folks! It’s starting to look like we’ve lived here for a while, and not just because of the mess. 😉

I feel like we’re at the stage where every room is partially done, but none are actually complete. It can be frustrating, but it’s still fun. I’m enjoying every minute of living here – I really am. I wake up every day and think about how AWESOME it is and how much I love our house and our neighbourhood. It’s the best! There are always little things I would still like to change, but overall I am so happy.

After feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to make over an entire house, I decided to focus on a smaller project for now. The laundry room is a great spot. It’s a large room with a big closet and lots of storage. It’s on the main floor and has a door to the outside… which we never use, but I’m determined that at some point we will. lol.

Here is the main level floor plan:

Main Level floor plan

Sometimes I find myself wishing that when we came inside from the garage, we were stepping into the laundry room directly, but I’m not sure if it’s worth actually tearing down a wall to make that happen. Maybe.

Anyway, it’s a great little room and I love that it’s not a narrow galley style. It’s an open space with room to move. The photo above doesn’t clearly show where the closet is. It appears that my husband’s office has a large closet but in reality, half of that belongs to the laundry room.

I don’t have many photos of how the room looked when we moved in, but this gives you an idea:

Dated laundry room

Nothing really wrong with it, but it was just kind of dated and gross – especially the plastic laundry tub, it’s nasty. Those cabinets are the same ones that we have in the kitchen and I haaaaaate them. No offense to anyone, but that cherry wood is NOT my thing. (And the matching cherry wood knobs? UGH.) I want to paint the walls, paint the cabinets, install new hardware, a new sink, and add artwork and interest. I figure I spend enough time in there, I might as well like it!

Unfortunately I don’t have a plan to cover up that hose connecting to the dryer… I’ve seen so many awesome ideas on Pinterest to hide it, but none of them are doable in my space. I think at some point I’m just going to have my husband relocate it. Dropping it down by even a foot would make a big difference.

I’ve put together a design board so that I have a plan to follow as I go:

Laundry Room Design Board


I also want to make over the closet. It is your standard single hanging rod with a shelf above, but we don’t use it for coats and hanging items, I’d rather use it for pantry storage for things like paper towels, cleaning supplies, kids’ art supplies and pet food. I also want to move our HUGE kitty litter box into the closet to get it out of my way. So, I took measurements and I am designing a shelving system that will allow for a LOT more room and organization.

To be honest, I’ve already gotten a lot done in there… but I’m not posting any pics until it’s finished! It looks SO good though – I can’t wait to share all the details when it’s complete.

Stay tuned!
MB :)



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    We used one of these ( – at least I think it was that brand) when we did our little laundry room update . If you are thinking of relocating the vent and doing the drywall repair anyway, it really wasn’t difficult to install and it is oh so tidy looking now!

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