Christmas at the new house

Happy Holidays!

It’s finally December which basically means a Christmas explosion across the interwebs. LOL. Not that I’m complaining! In our old house I was never too excited to decorate for the season. It was so small… so full of toys and STUFF. Decorating just made it feel cluttered which in turn just stressed me out.

To be honest, I dreaded it. I didn’t get anything out until December and then as soon as Christmas was over I was desperate to put it all away. It wasn’t fun. BUT, this year is totally different. Our new house has tons of room to store everything which made it super easy to get everything out and get started. I actually got to work right after thanksgiving – and I’m Canadian!

We are even having two trees this year – one for the kids and a “fancy” one for the front window, something that my husband has always wanted. So, two trees it is! The kids’ tree is artificial and it’s in the main family room, and the “fancy” tree is in the front sitting room. Also known as “Mommy’s room”.  My husband’s family has a garden centre, and it’s a tradition for him and the kids to head over and choose the tree together.

But let’s back up – before I could start working on the house, I needed to shop. 😀 This house has quite a bit of space to cover and I needed to step up my game. HomeSense is always my go-to, and while I got a number of things there I was quite surprised at Canadian Tire of all places. Their Christmas décor was out of this world! Between the two stores I found everything I needed and I was really impressed with the selection at both.

Christmas decor

Although we do have more room in the new house, putting up a tree still meant rearranging a bunch of furniture, and as always it took me a few tries to get it right. I wasn’t too happy with how I had it set up, anyway.

I need my furniture to face the television.

I just do.

The way we had the furniture arranged for the first few months we lived here was not sitting right with me. – no pun intended. With the tv mounted above the fireplace, we had a sofa on one side and chairs on the other, and nothing was facing the tv which drove me crazy.

So first I tried this…

Christmas Decor

This was great because it made the tv and fireplace the real focus of the room but still left room to walk through from the kitchen. The only thing I didn’t like was the couch along the far right wall. It was too crowded.

So, what I did in the end was switch the sofa from my sitting room with the one in here. It is shorter and allowed for the arrangement that I knew I wanted:

Christmas decor

This makes happy!! It’s so cozy and inviting – I love being in this room now and I finally enjoy watching movies down here! It was sort of short lived though, as we then needed room for a tree. LOL.

It worked out though, I just moved the chair by the window over to the other side of the room. Now both chairs are on the right of the fireplace, and the tree is to the left…

Hi Charlie! (He’s our elf.)

Christmas decor

Here’s a closer look at the tiered tray I picked up this year, I am in love with this thing:

Christmas decor

And a nighttime view:

Christmas decor

So there is the story of tree number one.

I also gave the wall next to the chairs some love… a blank wall is always calling out to me. I bought the wire rack a few months ago without any idea of what I was going to use it for. I just needed it. LOL. But it’s perfect there as a blanket/magazine holder. It makes this odd little corner really warm and inviting.

Christmas decor

I tried to branch out a bit this year and decorate other areas of the house too, which I’ve never really done before. Since our second tree was going in the sitting room, I decided to get festive in there too:

Christmas decor

My sister thought it said “Falafel”, but whatever.

The real tree that we got is the most beautiful one we’ve ever had, and I LOVED decorating it in matching, beautiful colours.

Christmas tree

Here’s a shot of the whole room… I love how I can look down on it from the stairs.

Christmas decor

Onto the dining room – we are hosting my dad’s side of the family for Christmas dinner this year, so I worked on that space too:

Christmas decor

Christmas decor

I still haven’t finished the table. Stay tuned.

One of my favourite Christmas items is one that I posted about last year. You might recall that I salvaged a bunch of wood from the barn that my great grandfather built, which was honestly one of the highlights of my life! And since our old house didn’t have a fireplace, I made one of the boards into a stocking holder.

Christmas decor

But have a fireplace now, and I didn’t need a stocking holder this year, so instead I hung it in the dining room and just turned it into some pretty décor that reminds me of a very, very special place.

Christmas eve at my grandparents’ farm was a pretty big deal…

Christmas decor

In the kitchen I added our advent calendar along with some wreaths on the patio doors and a cool light up sign…

Christmas decor

And even the front hall got some action this year. A wooden snowflake hanging on the mirror and some holly springs hanging in mason jars make it feel little a festive little entry!

Front hall Christmas decor

I cannot believe how much this house feels like home after a few short months, and I can’t wait to celebrate our first Christmas here!

Rustic Christmas Decor

This year more than ever, I am feeling SO full of gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in my life.
xo MB

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