Furniture Makeovers – a year in review

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have a fun post for you today…


I had a recent request that I thought was pretty fun… someone commented asking if I could please do a post that highlighted all the furniture that I made over while on my year-long blogging hiatus! Cool idea, right?

In the year that passed I was still a busy bee. Focusing on the new business while still having my youngest at home was challenging but still felt great. Painting makes me so happy and it was an outlet that took my mind off hating my house. LOL

So, this post is just a big collection of before and afters, because really – who doesn’t love those??

First up, a coffee table that I bought from a Facebook buy/sell page for $10:


And the “after”:


Next, a small vintage side table that I found in a thrift store for a few dollars. It is solid wood and I loved the shape! Here is my little apprentice working away…


I decided to try something called “Cottage Paint” with this one. It’s a pretty blue and it dries into a neat crackled finish.. not sure I’d use it again, but it was neat to try:


This one stays with me… I love it! It’s in my family room.

Here we have a pair of amazing HUGE night tables that I redid for a client:


They were done in a pure white with gorgeous mercury glass pulls from Anthropologie:


Here are a few that I forgot to take “before” photos of… you’ll have to use your imagination. Oops.



That desk above was a custom order for a five year old boy’s room… I love the stripes!

Now back to some good old before and afters… this was a console table that I picked up off the side of the road:


Someone had obviously tried to make it over, but it needed help. I actually redid this one for my mom! It now lives in her family room:


She doesn’t like the handles, though. Gotta change those out.

This dresser was an AMAZING find. I considered keeping it…


But, in the end I made it over while still leaving the original teak handles exposed… it turned out just as I’d hoped! A friend of mine bought it and it’s now her little boy’s dresser.


This coffee table was another Facebook purchase – nothing fancy to begin with…


But I made it over using a custom mixed colour on the top and Duck Egg blue on the bottom:


This desk was one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done. I got it for a steal from Kijiji and it belonged to the seller’s grandmother. It was SO beautiful, and the back was all finished too so it could sit anywhere in a room.


I wanted the top to have a driftwood-like finish, so I came up with a custom blend for that. Then I did the bottom in a soft teal and added some new pulls… so in love with how it turned out!


Shoulda’ kept this one. Sigh.

Next up, another set of night tables that were pretty worn and 70’s looking to start…


These were an identical pair that I customized in a soft white for a good friend:


About a year ago I had a lady contact me to do a custom job for her. She had a little table and chairs set from when SHE was a little girl, and she wanted to make it over for her own children to use. It was just an unfinished pine:


I gave it a fresh coat of dark grey, and for fun I did a chalkboard top on the table! It turned out super cute:


These drum tables were yet another Facebook find – I get most of my furniture there, to be honest. So much vintage-y goodness right here!!


Honestly I’d have kept them if I had a spot for them. They are BIG! They got an awesome makeover… Ash grey on the outside and interior, and I did the inside shelf in white. And of course – mercury glass pulls from Anthro!


A good friend of mine ended up buying these for her master bedroom!

This one was pretty cool… I picked this piece up and PLANNED to make it over into a beautiful, cream coloured change table for a nursery:


But, a friend of my husband saw it and had other plans…


Rum & coke, anyone??

I have to admit… it was totally meant to be a bar. Forgive the grainy pic – black is almost impossible to photograph.

Next up is one of those vintage buffets that I swear EVERYONE had in their house at one point in the 70’s…


This one was also a custom job. My client wanted it done in a dark chocolate brown to be used as an entertainment unit:


Oh, and new pulls from Anthro of course!

This next one was TOUGH. It was a custom request and I went for it – against my better judgement. LOL. I don’t think I’ll be refinishing any more trunks in the future:


It turned out quite nicely, but papering the inside was almost impossible and it took me weeks to get it right:




That’s pretty much it, folks! I’ll leave you with one more before I go… months ago, just before we moved into our new house, I was lucky enough to be able to bring home a very old hutch that belonged to my grandmother. It was VERY unstable… it had no back so it was ready to go at any moment. It was full of nail holes and needed some serious TLC:


I love baskets. And boxes. And lampshades. It’s a problem.

Anyway, I loved it. I knew that it would be so perfect in my sitting room/studio, so I got to work. I had a sheet of beadboard cut to fit, and my husband helped install it to the back of the unit. I painted the piece itself in “Lamp White” by Fusion Mineral Paint, and I painted the backing in “Wedgewood Gray” from Benjamin Moore – simply because I had some lying around…


And slowly but surely, it became one of my favourite pieces in the house! It’s not really “styled” as the Instagrammers love to do, but I think it’s pretty, and it holds all my favourite stuff!


Our house is far from done, but man do I love it!!!

So there you are – you’re all caught up on a year of makeovers. I’m sure a bunch got left out, but those are all the pics I could find. LOL. SO much more to come – especially now that all of my kids are in full day school.

I have big plans. :)





  1. Monica says

    I LOVE everything! It is all so inspiring. I have 3 little ones at home and a 4th on the way so it’s going to be a few years until I can do any real makeovers of my own. But I am excited about seeing more of your projects. Keep em coming!

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