Mini Fireplace Makeover

Today I thought I’d share a small change in our family room that took minimal effort, but made a big impact!

As I mentioned previously, this house had a lot of interesting colours when we moved in… yellows, greens and blues were evvvvverywhere – even (strangely) on the fireplace. Here is a photo of our family room that I took on our last visit to the house before we took possession back in July. (Lovely wedding photo blurred for previous owners’ privacy.)

Original family room

It’s difficult to tell in this lighting, but the fireplace surround as well as the hearth on the floor, was forest green marble.

Yes. Forest. Green. Marble.


Now here is a photo that I took last week that gives a closer view…

Green fireplace surround

Pretty, isn’t it? lol. I mean, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s definitely not what I’m going for in this house. So, I decided to fix it.

One of the reasons that I LOVE using Fusion Mineral Paint is that you can paint over anything with minimal to no prep work. I’ve used it on glass, metal, mirrors and every kind of wood you can imagine. It’s gorgeous, self leveling and leaves a beautiful matte finish.

For this project I decided to use my favourite Fusion colour, “Ash”. It’s a deep, rich charcoal grey that I knew would look amazing. I simply taped off the white mantel trim and the wood floor using painter’s tape, and then I got to work. It only took two coats, and even with drying time in between this was a one hour project.

A huge improvement if you ask me!
painted fireplace

It’s not a permanent solution, mind you. Eventually we’d like to replace that marble altogether. My husband is inexplicably obsessed with “mother of pearl tiles” in here. LOL. But I agree, it would look great! However, for now a coat of paint has made an awesome difference.

Here are a few before and after’s for you:



And now, for something EXTRA fun, I actually managed to find some photos from when our house was listed four years ago, when the previous owners bought it… check out THIS beauty!


And this photo was taken just before I painted the fireplace:


The list of things to do seems endless. We have also been waiting on back-ordered furniture from Structube for over TWO MONTHS. My frustration is mounting but what can we do? There will eventually be two beautiful chairs in front of that big window. (We also won’t be sleeping on a mattress on the floor one day… come on, Structube! Where’s our bed?!) But in the meantime, I think this room has made some great progress, and I’m happy.

I wanted something soft and light, but cozy… and I think that’s where we’re headed.
More updates to come!


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