Carpet Overhaul

Hey there. : )

So, it’s been about seven weeks since we moved, and it’s REALLY feeling like home. Aside from loving the park, the neighbourhood and the people, we really just love this house. It’s been nothing but a positive experience for all of us – it’s awesome!

We are lucky in that no major work needs to be done here. I mean, the kitchen cabinets are a dark, cherry wood – which is NOT my first choice -but they’re fine for now. Some of the rooms had “undesirable” paint on the walls when we moved in, but nothing that some hard work can’t fix!

One thing that we wanted to take care of immediately was the carpet on the top floor.  The stairs and common areas as well as the master were decent enough. They were done in a neutral beige that was very dated and had some stains, but at least it was beige. The kids’ rooms, however… well, just no.

Try to ignore the paint in these pics… that’s a whole other post. Sigh. We’re focusing on CARPET here, people!


No. no no no. And more no.


And a little more NO just for good measure…


Sweet baby jesus these people loved colour. It was hard to look past it all, but I had to. This house was so awesome and had SO MUCH SPACE. If ugly paint and carpet was the worst it had to offer, well, we were okay with that! All the bedrooms are such a great size, we just needed some vision. Luckily, that’s my strong suit.

So the day that we took possession, we had the moving company hold all of our things overnight and had brand new berber installed all up the stairs and throughout the top floor.  They finished at 2:15am as I slept on the family room floor, and the carpet installer’s wife was asleep in the hall upstairs. LOL.

It looks so much better. The stairs and the entire top floor are all one carpet now, and it’s beautiful.berber-stairway
This room was the ugly green one… it’s now my son’s:


And this room was the awful yellow one with the bright blue carpet. It’s now my little girl’s bedroom:


Eventually I will write and post photos going through the transformation in each room, but I’m in that frustrating stage where ALL the rooms have had a lot done to update them, and NONE of the rooms are actually complete.

It’s a bummer.

We still have pictures and shelving to put up, about 20 light fixtures to replace, a master bathroom that is going to get a huge facelift, and a LOT of furniture that needs mama’s paintbrush… the list is long!

But I am SO happy that we took care of the carpet on day one. It would have made me crazy to move in everything we own and THEN tackle that job. I don’t put my foot down on too much, (I’m sure my husband snorted reading that sentence) but this one was important. So, once everything was moved in it was great to have that huge item checked off the list.

Next up is paint. Lots and lots of paint.



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