Hello again…

Remember me? If not, that’s okay… I understand.  It’s been about a year, after all! When we left off last October, I was taking a break from blogging to work on my furniture refinishing business, which has been amazing. I love painting so much, and even though it was nearly impossible to make it work in our tiny house, I found a way.

But SO much has happened since then and so many things have changed!  I’ve wanted to write so many times, but for some reason I just never did.  Once you stop, it’s pretty hard to pick it up again without having something spectacular to share.

But here I am, and I wanted to share the biggest change of the last year.

You might recall how much I HATED our house. It was truly the bane of my existence and every single day I would shake my fist at it and check for money falling from the sky, JUST in case… then we could move!  Instead, over the last eight years my husband worked his ass off, we saved, we were diligent – and then, this past April… IT. HAPPENED.

Hello, gorgeous!

New House

We bought a new house! I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t even on the market, it was an exclusive listing that we heard about and it was in the neighbourhood I’ve been dying to live in for FIFTEEN YEARS. We snapped it up quicker than you can say “GIMME!” and it was a total whirlwind from that moment on…

First up was getting the OLD house ready to sell, which was no small task. With three kids, two dogs and a cat there was a ton put into storage and even more thrown out or donated. My husband installed a new floor in the mudroom, I painted almost EVERYTHING in sight and we actually got it listed within three weeks:

Old House

Within two weeks it was sold – thank goodness! – and we were off to the races! We took possession of our new home on August 3rd, and it has been the BEST six weeks of our lives. We went from a busy road to a lovely quiet street. We went from a city of over 500K people to a town of about 70K. There is no house to our right because there is a playground and huge park. The kids are in love, WE are in love, and life is beautiful.

In the six weeks that we’ve been here we’ve made a few changes – most notably we have replaced the garage doors…

New garage doors

I was not a fan of the maroon that was there, and they were the original doors from 2001 so it was time anyway.

This house has just about everything we’ve wanted in a home and I still cannot believe it’s ours! I am so incredibly grateful.

We have more than doubled our living space. We have a bedroom for everyone, a main floor office for my husband, a huge family room on the top floor for the kids, an open concept kitchen/family room for me, a breakfast bar, and even a formal living room that I have turned into my sitting room where I can write, curl up with a good book or just enjoy a cup of coffee. And there’s a place for me to paint! It’s amazing.

The basement is unfinished which I think is GREAT! I love that the kids have a place to go mess around without being worried about much. They have their plasma cars down there, the train table, soccer balls and a putting green.  It’s great. And should we ever decide to finish it, it will add a huge amount of both square footage and value to our home, which is wonderful.

Overall, we’re in heaven.

I’m hoping that now that all of my kids are in full day school, I will have the time to start blogging again, and ideally share the process of making over every room in this place! The previous owners were big fans of yellow, green and blue… so I have some work ahead of me.

I’ve missed my blog, I’ve missed writing and sharing my life and my home. I hope that some of my readers are still out there, and I promise it won’t be a year before my next post!

xo MB


  1. M says

    Wonderful news MB. When you are a stay at home mom, being unhappy in your entire space can be…well, unhappy. So glad you’ve found a happy place!

  2. Monica says

    So good to hear from you again! Congrats on the new place, I’m excited to see the inside. Also, will you share some of the furniture renovations you’ve done in the last year? Thanks! Mon x

    • Mary Beth says

      Thanks Monica! You’re so sweet. And that’s a great idea for a post… I’ll be sure to put something together ASAP – there’s been a lot!

  3. Jessica says

    I started following your blog shortly after Young House Love stopped writing. I was looking for blogs to fill that gap. Your new home is beautiful! Hopefully you can find some time for blogging! :)

    • Mary Beth says

      Thank you so much, Jessica! We are so excited to finally be in this new place and I can’t wait to share the process of making it over. :)

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