It’s time for a change…

It’s been a while, I know. Summer pulled me away from the computer and outside with the kids, and that’s a good thing! There was swimming and trips and bike rides and play dates – I miss it all already.

But then fall came, and I still didn’t feel inspired to write. This blog lost focus a long time ago, and I haven’t been sure what direction I’ve wanted to go in for some time now.

I can’t go on as a home décor blog – I have three kids and three pets in 1300 square feet. I can’t implement the things that I envision because my life just isn’t there yet! I can’t buy beautiful carpets and white couches – which is what I dream of every day – because they will be destroyed. LOL

I can’t go on as a mommy blog either, though – to do so I would need to write with a level of honesty and candor that I can’t possibly share unless I’m writing anonymously.

So, I’m feeling stuck.

The last few months I’ve spent really thinking about what makes me happy. In my free moments, what do I REALLY want to be doing? I knew what the answer was, but I’m still glad that I took the time to really mull it over.

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When all is said and done, I want to be covered in paint! I want to be taking old, abandoned, neglected furniture and bringing it back to life. I love it, I’m good at it, and it makes me happy.

So, this blog isn’t going anywhere. When I’m inspired to write, I will write. But I’m not going to force it, and I’m really excited to streamline things and focus on what I feel is my true passion.

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I hope that you’ll visit my new business page and follow along as I makeover and restore all these beautiful pieces… please click below for the link, and THANK YOU all so much for the support and friendship as I’ve followed the path that’s lead me here!!


xo Mary Beth




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