Summer Roundup!

Hey blog friends!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. I know that many of my American pals (and some Canadian ones too!) are already back into the full swing of fall, but we aren’t there quite yet. School for my kids begins on Tuesday, so this is our final weekend of freedom up here!

We have had a very full summer, with cottage trips, play dates with friends and LOTS AND LOTS of swimming at my mom’s house! Thank goodness for Nana’s that live 10 minutes away.. 😉

I admit, I am kind of looking forward to getting my schedule back. I will miss my two older kids for sure, but honestly I just get NOTHING DONE when they’re all at home, and when you have three kids aged 11, 5 & 3, keeping everyone happy is pretty impossible. So, come Tuesday it will just be Ella and I for one more year until she starts JK in September ’16… I can’t even talk about that one. I’m not ready.

So, to say goodbye to summer I thought I’d do a big post about all the projects that DID get gone around here over the last few months! No major changes to our home, but I did manage to get a lot of paint projects ticked off the list, and even sold a few of them!

First up we have a beautiful side table that I found at a yard sale back in June:

Refinished Furniture from

It had such pretty lines and I LOVED the detail on the doors. Besides – storage is ALWAYS a bonus. I sanded down the rough spots and gave it a fresh coat of Annie Sloan’s “Old White”, and freshened up the original hardware. That’s all it needed to look beautiful again!

I used it in our family room for a while between two arm chairs, and I actually just listed it for sale this morning so hopefully it will find a new home soon!

Next up is my FAVOURITE so far this year… these night stands were neglected and pretty tired looking when I found them at a thrift store:

The definitely required some vision – lol – my husband thought I was crazy! But I decided to get creative with them and I’m so glad I did! I painted them in Annie Sloan’s “Provence”, and then sprayed the handles in a glossy white. Check out this transformation!!

These beauties sold the MINUTE I listed them, and I’m waiting on a photo from their new owner… I can’t wait to see how they look in a furnished bedroom.

Then we have the beautiful pedestal dining table that I almost couldn’t bear to part with:

I spent HOURS sanding and painting this thing. I wanted it to have a pristine white base and a “driftwood” look on top. It took SO much work to get it there, but when it was done… well, I was in love.

Unfortunately three dining tables is apparently too many, so it had to go. Fortunately, though, my dear friend Carley snapped this one up for her new home, so I can still visit it! (And Carley, or course… lol)

Finally, we have the amazing antique window that I bought at a flea market a few years ago. For a long time it held all my favourite Instagram photos and was hung in our front hall:

But as always, I grew tired of it and needed a change! So, I took the photos out and hung a monogram that found at Michaels and painted. I find that when it comes to wall décor, I often default to using mirrors. This is a new revelation for me, so it’s something I need to work on! In saying this, I took down the mirror that hung over the dining room buffet and hung the window there instead:

So you see, like I said before… if I’m posting, I’m not working… and if I’m working, I’m not posting! LOL. I do get things done when I put my mind to it, but I just can’t always find the time to write about them. Hopefully once we’re back into the school routine I will find my way back here… I miss it.

Have a wonderful, safe long weekend everybody – and I promise I will be back soon!
xo Mary Beth





  1. Polly Sander says

    You are so talented! Beautiful furniture makeovers & crafts. You have inspired me to GET TO IT & get my butt in gear, I have Several pieces in desperate need of updating.

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