Painting My Kitchen Cabinets – Again

So… I’m working on another makeover here, and it’s not one that I’m particularly excited about. However, it needs to be done! If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember when I repainted my kitchen cabinets. I used “Old White” chalk paint by Annie Sloan, and I loved it. However, it’s not holding up too well, and I’m bummed.

Despite constant cleaning, wiping and maintenance, it is filthy and chipping and looks pretty gross. The upper cabinets still look great, but the lowers.. well, not so much.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin MooreI am not kidding… I clean these things MULTIPLE times a day, but I can’t keep them from looking cruddy. Look at this beauty that’s located right next to the dishwasher… lol. (I purposely took a photo before cleaning it this morning. Can you tell my kids like to “help” load it?)

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore

And don’t even get me started on the kick plate underneath…

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin MooreSo that’s what I’ve been dealing with over here… and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I spend so much time in there and it just looked awful.

I debated a lot of options. I could repaint the lowers again in Old White. I could repaint them a different colour. I could switch the doors out completely. I could redo the entire kitchen… lol. Yes, this is how conversations between me and the hubs escalate. We start off by discussing a new paint colour, and fifteen minutes later we are drawing up plans for an addition. No joke.

Anyway, after a lot of debate I decided that painting the lower level of cabinets a darker shade was the smartest – and most cost effective – choice. I went to Benjamin Moore and picked up a handful of dark(ish) gray chips. I taped them all up on the cabinets and lived with them for a few days. I wanted to see them in different light, against the countertops, against the wall colour, etc.

In the end, Chelsea Gray was the winner!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin MooreIt’s a lovely, deep gray with a hint of taupe, which I love because the counters have a lot of brown in them.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore So, off I went to buy a gallon. For $75, it better be amazing! LOL. So far so good – it goes on like a dream, dries in about five minutes and looks SO GOOD. I’m loving it!!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore My only concern is how it will look next to the white appliances. That’s one of the reasons I went with white cabinets to begin with – so that they’d blend in. However, if we do upgrade to stainless at some point, they will look SO good next to this colour!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin MooreHere is one last pic to give you an idea of how the cabinets will look once they’re done and fully two-toned:

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore

So there’s my update for the time being. It’s SUPER FUN painting the kitchen with three kids running around the house. I’m managing to get through about two door fronts at a time before I have to pack it up and be a mommy. Then a few hours later I try it again.. lol.

Once I’m done, I’d also like to switch out all the handles and drawer pulls. They’re nice, but a little bit dated. I’m going for a more modern look – something like this:

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Chealsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

I’ll be sure to post when it’s all done – I am so excited to see how it looks when it’s finished!
xo Mary Beth




    • Mary Beth says

      Hi Erin… I actually ended up quickly giving them a fresh coat of white paint as we listed and sold our home this summer!
      So there’s no “after” to report on… lol

    • Mary Beth says

      Hi Shana – unfortunately no I don’t. We ended up listing our house to sell so instead of tackling the grey I just gave them a fresh coat of the white to stage it.
      We moved back in August!

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