So, apparently I’m taking the summer off from blogging. Whoops! That wasn’t planned… I’m just so busy with three kids at home. There is soccer (a total of five times a week between two of the kids!), trips, family events and LOTS of work around the house. We are only about three weeks into summer vacation around here, and it’s been crazy! Over the July long weekend we went up to my sister’s cottage like last summer. All 21 OF US. It was madness and totally awesome. The cousins love being together and they’re growing way too fast… my oldest nephew is off to university in the fall! Cottage weekend - We’ve had play dates and one very special dance recital – Ella’s first: Ballet recital - hystericallyeverafter.comAnd while I have been working away on painting and refinishing projects, I haven’t really been tracking them for the blog. That’s the funny thing about it – if I’m blogging, I’m not working on my stuff, and if I’m working on my stuff, I’m not writing! It’s a catch 22, I tell you. One major task that the husband and I took on recently was cleaning out my furniture storage unit the garage. hehe. I did write a post a while back about how bad it had become, and it just got worse. I definitely collect things with the intention of restyling them, but I don’t always have the time to get to them. Here is what it looked like at the start: Garage cleanout - We spent an entire weekend attacking it. I let a lot of stuff go for donation, which is sad but also nice. I sold some pieces but listing them super cheap, and some I insisted on keeping – either for myself or because I really do want to make them over to sell. It was fun, and dirty. Garage cleanout - And gross. There was a dead squirrel discovered at one point… Garage cleanout - It was a good opportunity to take stock of what we had, what we could toss and what had value. We set up a new work table at the back and then loaded things back in, but in a MUCH more organized fashion. LOL. Garage cleanout - So that’s what has been keeping us busy in these parts. I hope to be back soon with some updates and pretty makeovers – but until then, hope everyone is having a fun-filled summer!!!

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xo Mary Beth



  1. Scott West says

    If you’re ever looking for a little get away, (maybe some 1-on-1 time(; ) I would definitely like to help out with that. Message me.

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