Desk Makeover – Fit For a Tween

My older daughter has had MY  beautiful desk in her room for a long time now.  Being 11, she doesn’t often use it… it sits covered in books, EOS lip balms and hair ties, while she does her homework on her bed. Sigh.
Part of the problem is that this desk doesn’t have much storage. It’s more of a table and while I absolutely love it, I know she needs something more practical. So, as I often do, I had my eyes open for some time in case an appropriate project popped up.

Lately I find that I’m not using Craigslist that often. I have much better luck on the Facebook buy and sell groups that have been popping up everywhere – at least around here. I’m not sure if this is a global thing, but in the Toronto area there are a TON of them. They move fast, and you usually buy or sell your stuff within a few hours. It’s AWESOME. That’s how I found this pretty lady! DIY Chevron Desk Makeover - This desk, while simple, was just what I was looking for, and at $40 it was perfect. And for the first time, I really wanted something that had very clean lines and no scroll work or carvings. I LOVE shabby vintage stuff, but I had plans for this desk and this was exactly what I needed. I wanted to go a little outside my comfort zone with this one, especially since it’s for my daughter. I’m sure she’d like something a little funky and not just a boring white desk – even though that’s what I always want to paint! So I decided to try CHEVRONS!

First I gathered my paint selections: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White” & “Provence”. Then I got to work: DIY Chevron Desk - I went with Provence for the body, and Old White for the drawers. I love the contrast, and the colours look so pretty together! DIY Chevron Desk - I also gave the original hardware a coat of spray paint. They were just an ugly brass to begin with, so I turned to one of my favourites – Rustoleum’s “Champagne Mist”. Such a sweet, simple look. Then I got to work adding the chevrons. This step was way more difficult than I thought it would be, and involved some math, which was upsetting. LOL. But it turned out SO nicely, and it looks just amazing in my daughter’s room!

DIY Chevron Desk -

Naturally I got so caught up in doing the design that I have zero photos of the process. It’s also kind of hard to measure and paint chevrons while taking pics of yourself doing it. Ha. Basically I just measured my spacing and then marked it with pencil. Then I applied the frog tape and painted in between. The measuring was the only annoying part. I did both sides, but for now the desk is against a wall so the one section is hidden. I was going to go all the way down each side, but I thought it looked kind of different this way, and also I was getting frustrated so I stopped. LOL.

Maybe some day I will go back and do the rest.

Or not. DIY Chevron Desk - hystericallyeverafter.comIt’s not perfect, but for my first attempt at painting a design, I’m pretty happy with it! I did have to go back and fix up some spots with a small brush, but that was easy. It’s such a neat feature to add to a piece of furniture – I’m so glad I tried it! DIY Chevron Desk - hystericallyeverafter.comTaya saw the desk when it was all finished downstairs, but she hasn’t seen it since I’ve moved it up to her room. I can’t wait to show her! DIY Chevron Desk - DIY Chevron Desk - hystericallyeverafter.comPlease excuse the absence of a chair! The one that my daughter was using had a very wide seat so it’s much better suited to me it won’t fit into this new desk. I have a recovered chair that I worked on a few years ago that will be perfect, it just needs some new fabric: DIY Chevron Desk - hystericallyeverafter.comI think she will be pleased, although it will NEVER look like this again once she’s back from her dad’s. But, it’s going to be great for her. It has tons of storage and maybe this desk actually has a chance at staying tidy on top! I love Taya’s room – it’s bright and cheerful and full of colour. I always lean towards more subtle tones, but she’s getting older and her tastes are shining through. She loves turquoise and hot pink, yellow and red. It’s neat to be able to design a room that’s so vibrant!

Once I finish cleaning and setting up her desk I will finally take photos and share the entire space.

For now, she has a desk! DIY Chevron Desk - I’ll be sure to let you know what she thinks once she sees it all set up in her room, and be sure to check back – I’ll (finally) be adding her room to the house tour this week as well!
xo Mary Beth


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