They See Me Rollin’…

Last week while I was building my fabulous amazing new kitchen island, I came across one small problem. The drawer is not as wide as the one in our previous island, and therefore the rolling pin won’t fit.

Rolling pins are a strange item. There’s really no good place to keep them. They’re way too long for most spaces, and wherever you do manage to store them they just roll around. Obviously. So I went over to Pinterest and came up pretty empty handed… most of the ideas on there were for displaying pretty, antique rolling pins that you don’t actually use. Or they were ideas for storing multiple pins. Like, 20 of them.

I have one. I needed something more practical.

So I wandered around Lowes with my little Ella the other morning, hoping that inspiration would strike. I looked at the 3M hooks, I was determined that I could find some that would work, but none of them had enough room for the handles to rest. I was feeling so frustrated. Such a silly thing to be stuck on! But honestly I had NO place to put it and NO ideas of what to do.

Then, I walked through the curtain aisle…

DIY curtain hold backs as rolling pin holder!



There was ONE pair of these left, and they were marked down to $8.99… perfect! I figured I could drill them right into the underside of my upper cabinets, and sit the pin in them – and that’s exactly what I did!

DIY curtain tie backs as rolling pin holder!

Ha! Perfect! The balls at the end of each one prevent the rolling pin from falling off, and it keeps it tucked away nicely while still totally accessible. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it.

DIY curtain tie backs as rolling pin holder! www.hystericallyeverafter.comIt took all of two seconds to drill them into the cupboard above… I just had to be sure to use a screw that wasn’t too long or it would pop through up above.

I definitely didn’t let that happen with the first screw. Nope. Definitely did not.

ANNNNYWHO… it looks great and I think it adds a little to the decor too!

DIY curtain tie backs as rolling pin holder! www.hystericallyeverafter.comSo that’s it! Just a smart and inexpensive idea to save a little bit of space in your kitchen. I like to try to look at unusable or wasted space (like under the cabinets) and turn it into something handy. I think it worked out this time!

DIY curtain tie backs as rolling pin holder!

Do you have any weird and awkward space that you’ve turned into something that works for you? Tell me all about it!

Have an awesome weekend, me and my rolling pin will just be over here all like,

DIY curtain tie backs as rolling pin holder!
xo Mary Beth


  1. Virginia Tate says

    You are a genius! I was looking for ideas for curtain tiebacks and ran across your post! I have been trying to figure out how to hang my husbands much loved grandma’s very old rolling pin on my kitchen island so I could also use it to hang a dish towel on. This is perfect!

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