My Tiny Dancer (and a Giveaway)!

My little baby is growing up.

My third, my last, my little “chicken nugget” is three… and my goodness she is a handful. She is incredibly head strong and knows exactly what she wants, my Ella. And the thing she wanted the MOST, for a long time, was to be a ballerina.

So back in the fall I began to do some research, and I signed her up for her first class.

Be still my beating heart… trying on her new dance clothes.

KSC Designs Giveaway - hysterically ever after

SO proud and ready to go!

KSC Designs Giveaway - hysterically ever afterI wasn’t sure how it would go over, to be quite honest. Nursery school was a bust, so is anything else that involves her being away from me in any way… but she took to it like a fish to water. Ella LOVES her ballet class and looks forward to it each Saturday. The best (worst?) part is that no parents are allowed inside! There are no windows, and I won’t see even a glimpse of what she’s up to until she performs in a RECITAL in June. It’s at a pretty fancy theatre here in town where some seriously famous people have taken the stage, so in between bawling my eyes out taking photos I cannot WAIT to watch her dance!!

KSC Designs Giveaway - hysterically ever after

She’s so tiny that even the smallest slippers were too big.

After a few weeks of class I realized that I needed a proper dance bag. I was kind of failing next to all these moms with gorgeous Lands End and Pottery Barn bags, embroidered with their daughters’ names while I was hanging onto a grubby little Bubble Guppies backpack. LOL.

bubble guppies bag

I started digging around to see what I could get for Ella. It was time to step up my game! I checked out the Pottery Barn website as well as ThirtyOne, and then my husband mentioned his friend Danielle. She owns a shop called KSC Designs and he urged me to check her out before ordering anywhere else. I visited her Facebook page, as well as her Etsy store, and I was seriously impressed!! It was obvious that her work was amazing and I could tell the quality just by looking through her photos. I sent her a message to introduce myself, and I asked if she’d be interested in making a dance bag for Ella. The rest is history! She was more than happy to make a custom bag for me and the price was far less than what I would pay from the other stores I looked at – hooray!

I wanted something simple, with one long shoulder strap and some interior pockets, that was feminine and had Ella’s name on it. Here is what Danielle came up with!

dance bag from KSC Designs - hysterically ever after

Isn’t it ADORABLE? I love love love it! The inside is done in the grey floral with hot pink pockets, it looks amazing. It’s honestly the nicest work I’ve ever seen someone do, the quality is just fantastic.

dance bag from KSC Designs - hysterically ever after

Ella can’t read yet but she does recognize her name so she was quite excited to see it embroidered on her special new ballet bag…

dance bag from KSC Designs - hysterically ever after

It’s perfect for dance… it can hold her change of clothes plus a water bottle, a snack and the all-important hair accessories! 😉 We’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and yes, it’s a vast improvement – no offense to the Bubble Guppies, of course.

While Danielle and I were customizing this piece, we came up with the idea to host a giveaway on the blog, which I am very excited to share with you today! KSC Designs is not ONLY giving away a beautiful box bag to one lucky reader, but you are ALL winners in our book, so head on over to the shop by clicking HERE, and enter the discount code “hysterically” to receive 15% off any order over $20!

Enter below* to win this gorgeous box bag designed by Danielle!

KSC Designs Bag -

Perfect for makeup, craft supplies, hair accessories or pretty much anything else you can think of!

KSC Designs Bag -


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and be sure to check out the links below to see the rest of Danielle’s beautiful work!!

KSC Designs’ Etsy Shop
KSC Designs on Instagram
KSC Designs’ website
KSC Designs on Facebook
xo Mary Beth


*This contest is open to residents of the USA & Canada


  1. Jodie says

    MB…little girls in ballet is awesome! watching the recital will be very overwhelming, lots of tears…I fondly remember Em’s first and how tiny they were…enjoy every moment it doesn’t last. xo

  2. Jenn says

    How cute is that bag?!? Will defiantly use it in my daughters diaper bag to keep all her toys from flying about!!

  3. onemomslove says

    I love this bright patterned bag! I would use it as a travel/make-up bag or as an art bag (markers, etc) for Elina :)

  4. Sally says

    Your little Ella is just so adorable! Would love this gorgeous bag to use for make up or maybe I would admire it forever on the coffee table, it is so pretty!

  5. says

    your daughter is adorable, and love the bag that was created for her. My own daughter would love this neat bag for either jewelry or hair accessories, she’s 13 and thinks the box design is very cool for her dresser.

  6. Kelly says

    Ella is so adorable! Love this gorgeous bag! I would use it for makeup or accessories when traveling it’s so nice!!

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