A Different Kind of Boob Job

Haha – do I have your attention? I assume that while many of you know what I mean when I say “boob light”, there are some of you that may have no clue… so without further hesitation, allow me to introduce you to the most, uh, feminine of ceiling fixtures… the boob light!

samsung pics march 21 take 2 770Ah yes, the beloved boob light – nipple included at no extra charge!!

We have ALL had this in our home at one point or another. It’s a builder-basic, super cheap, super ugly standard in any house. When we moved into this house almost seven years ago, this marbled green monstrosity was the first thing you saw when you walked in the front door.

I am embarrassed to say that it stayed that way until just a few days ago. I just sort of waffled on what to do with it… switching it out would be costly and require “hubby approval” since he’d have to do the electrical work. So, as I often do, I just did nothing.

But then I came across some “boob light” ideas on Pinterest one day, and while none of them were exactly what I wanted to do, they inspired me to get creative. Once again, naturally, Target came to my rescue. I found a really pretty textured lamp shade for 40% off that I knew would be perfect. For this project, I needed a “spider” shade, which is where the metal fitting is at the very top of the shade, and not set down inside.

ceiling "boob light" diy makeover - hysterically ever after

I removed the glass “boob” from the original fixture and gave it a good cleaning. Then I dug through my paint collection to see what I already had, and I came across some nice grey paint that I had picked up from the ReStore a while back.

ceiling "boob light" diy makeover - hysterically ever after

They were a perfect match which was a total fluke. I figured I’d use the can for painting the base of the old light and the spray for covering the smaller piece that holds the glass in place.

I was determined to NOT have to do anything electrical, so that meant not removing the base. I simply loosened it to pull it away from the ceiling and gave it a half-assed coat of paint since it would be mostly covered was it was done:

ceiling "boob light" diy makeover - hysterically ever after

Once the grey paint was dry, I had to find a way to secure the lamp shade. Rubber band it is!!!!!!! Yah… not my finest DIY moment, but hey – it never needs to come off (even when changing the bulbs), and it is nowhere near the lights so there’s no safety hazard. I just wanted to use what I had on hand. In the photo below, you can see the black elastic that I used. I just wrapped it a few times and then pushed it up as far as it would go, which also pinned the shade right up against the base at the ceiling!

ceiling "boob light" diy makeover - hysterically ever after

When that was done, all I had to do was put the light bulbs back in and it was ready to go! The only problem was that when standing beneath the light in the hall, you would look up and see the exposed bulbs. Not a huge deal, but I decided to put the glass dome back on, just to give a finished look.

boob light makeover

Looks so much better!! I love it! It’s such a nice update and it only cost me the price of the shade, which was $12.

ceiling "boob" light makeover - hysterically ever after

And when the light is turned on, it gives off the nicest glow and the texture of the shade looks amazing!

ceiling "boob" light makeover - hysterically ever afterLike always, I cannot believe that it took me so long to make such a small change. Especially when that small change makes SUCH a huge difference!

ceiling "boob" light makeover - hysterically ever after


ceiling "boob" light makeover - hysterically ever after


And here’s a view from the kitchen, looking into the front hall:

ceiling "boob" light makeover - a super simple DIY from hysterically ever after

Turned out pretty well, amiright? 

ceiling "boob" light makeover - hysterically ever after

This week I’m hoping to get some furniture painting done. I have two night stands and an end table to work on… hopefully I will have some before and afters soon!

Happy Monday,
xo Mary Beth




  1. Rhonda High says

    Okay, that is amazing! And I knew right away what a boob light was.. we have some! But also we used to have some sorta boob lights in our church that hung down from the ceiling, complete with “veins” on the glass! My immature friend and I loved it!! haha Glad they are gone now!

    • Mary Beth says

      LOL Rhonda that’s hilarious. They are the strangest things, aren’t they? I’m so happy I came up with a way to get rid of it.
      Sort of. haha.

  2. says

    Looks great, B! I totally need to follow suit… the boobs are outta control in our house. Haha! And rubber bands are a fine DIY moment. I was actually like, “Oh! Great idea!” when I read that. :)

    • Mary Beth says

      Thanks, Christina!
      I was going to use the wood lantern that you inspired me with, but I’m going to save it for our next house. It was a bigger project than I wanted it to be this time around. Glad you liked my rubber band hack.. heehee.
      Great job on the towel rack – I love it!

  3. Karen Murray says

    Wow Mary Beth. Go on girl. This is absolutely gorgeous. I live in a single wide trailer and hate, hate, did I mention hate those tacky dome lights that they all have. I am doing this project this weekend. You did an amazing job and I love your use of the black elastic band. (My oldest daughter has a million of them) Thank you for the inspiration and keep your ideas coming.


  4. JEM says

    Love your idea but please could you explain the elastic a bit more? Where did you wind it and how does the lamp stay up? I’m hoping to adapt for the boob light on my ceiling fan.

    • Mary Beth says

      Hi Jem…
      I put the elastic on the little metal piece that sticks down from the top of the fixture. I’m sorry, it’s really hard to explain and every fixture is different.
      I just pushed it up after I put the shade on and it held the shade in place.

  5. says

    I’m last to the post here but I found your tutorial on Pinterest. You inspired me so much I reworked 3 ALANG light fixtures I had hiding in the basement from IKEA last night to give myself 3 boob jobs :) I had to work it out a bit differently than yours but your descriptions helped me get there. Now I don’t have to hire an electrician and I have 3 gorgeous fixtures on my top floor where the dreaded mammories once hung lol

    Thanks Mary Beth!

  6. JER says

    Do its called a flush mount light fixture for those of you who don’t want to look like you know what you’re talking about in home depot. It’s a creative idea so kudos for that.

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