A Lighting Upgrade & Some Spring Decor

I have a long history of getting my lamps from thrift stores, and it’s been awesome. I’ve had some great luck in that department, and more than once I’ve spent less than $10 and simply needed to paint and add some shades.

I have a TOTAL love affair with lamps, it’s common knowledge and I’m only mildly embarrassed to admit it. Our attic is full of them. Bases, shades, chandeliers… I have SO many and I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them. Lamps to me are such a great accessory, and I love switching them out with the seasons and mixing things up with new shades and moving them from room to room.

Our main living room in the house also has no overhead lighting, so that likely adds to my lamp love. It’s something we’ve talked about rectifying forever, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Anyway, it’s an obsession.

I love lamp

These ones are a good example…

thrift store lamp makeover - hysterically ever after

Those are some real beauties, aren’t they? haha… check out my original post HERE, they were a find that I actually walked away from, only to zip back out at like 7pm that night to snatch them up. Good decision, I knew I could make them pretty!!

I sprayed them silver and added some shades I already had… they ended up looking great, and they lived happily in various rooms for almost two years.

thrift store lamp makeover - hysterically ever afterBut, as always, my style evolves and I need to change things up. I’m noticing my tastes changing again, much to my husbands chagrin. But don’t worry, hubby… this time it won’t require a whole-home makeover.

There’s going to be another post about that, but for now, I just needed these lamps to not be silver anymore, and I decided on white. The silver didn’t match anything and I need to bring more white and cream into the house.

Just because I want to.

So, I painted them! They turned out pretty well…

lamp makeover - hysterically ever after

They’ve been painted for a few weeks now, and while they’re “fine”, they’re JUST fine. Not awesome. I started to realize that I needed to buy some proper new lamps. I still like these, and I don’t think I’m going to ditch them just yet, but I wanted something new.

It’s not like I was about to go drop $300 or anything, I knew I could hit up Target and take advantage of everything being 40% off. I ended up with not two, but SIX new lamps over the course of a few weeks.. hahaha. I couldn’t help it! They’re SO nice and so cheap!!

Here are the first new set in the living room (with new throw pillows, and new curtains too – the DIY bird tablecloth drapes have been packed up for now):

Target lamps - hysterically ever after

These ones came in at $23 each after the discount – I think that’s a great price! I almost want to take a bite out of them, haha the colour is SO beautiful…

Target lamps - hysterically ever after

The pillows and curtains were 40% as well – I guess there are some benefits to Target closing.

I also got another set just because I fell in love with them… lol. I had no idea where they were going to go, and I now have one in the family room on the console table and one in the dining room on the buffet:

Target lamp - hysterically ever after

These ones even came with the shades! So cute…

Target lamp - hysterically ever after

The house feels so much more like spring with these new additions – I am so happy with them. I’ve added a few other touches to brighten the place up as well – since it’s still below zero at the moment, I need all the help I can get!

Spring decor - hysterically ever after

And I have the cutest new find that I picked up from a local Facebook group I belong to… it’s an old milk jug holder and I can’t wait to paint it and fill it with pretty flowers! I already had the glass jars, so now I just need to finish the job and it will be such a sweet centerpiece on the dining room table.

antique milk jug holder - hysterically ever after

I love how worn and rustic it is!

milk jug holder - hysterically ever after

*Note to self – stop using the cell phone for photos and use the good camera, damn it… look at what a great job it does!!

So that’s the latest around here… I’ve been tackling a lot of spring cleaning and making trips to the donation center. Even though it’s still cold, it’s been sunny, and that makes such a difference, doesn’t it? I love decorating for the holidays, but I think that spring is my favourite because of the light colours and the way it can lift my mood.

Hope it’s sunny wherever you are!
xo Mary Beth


  1. says

    I love that milk jug crate!! Even with the current finish… it’s so charming! I need to jump on the lamp bandwagon along with you… All of the lamps I own I’ve had forever (Like, FORevER)… I’ve been meaning to replace some of them (and add a few) but I always forget. Haha! Decor Fail. Anyways, those blue lamps are awesome. I was all “oooo!” when I saw them (which was kind of awkward considering I’m at work). Lol. Whoops! :)

    • Mary Beth says

      Hahaha the blue ones are the same as the white/cream one you got there a few weeks back. I LOVE them.
      I need to stop buying everything at Goodwill.. lol. I also need to spend more money on rugs… I cheap out all the time and they’re either too small or crappy quality.
      I’m growing up!! Lol

  2. says

    I love the blue lamps!! I was just at target and got 2 lamps for $23.00. My Target’s not going out of business (thank heavens!) but I totally agree with you on the deals. And your style is to die for! Love it!

    • Mary Beth says

      Thanks so much!!! I am so heart broken about Target, I can’t even tell you. So I’m gonna be there constantly until they close!!

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