Eva Mendes Doesn’t Like Sweat Pants.

People are having legit hissy fits over that fact, and I’m losing hope in humanity.

Poor Eva Mendes… just another example of a woman (read: mother) who can never do anything right. The poor woman had the audacity (please know that there is sarcasm dripping from that word) to crack a joke the other day about how sweatpants are the leading cause of divorce in America. IT WAS FUNNY! Come on… don’t tell me you can’t see the humor in that.

Eva Mendes sweat pants controversy - hysterically ever after

What is the big freakin’ deal, people? She said that she prefers to wear skirts or dresses, it’s just her personal preference. And then she made the sweat pants joke, and the internet exploded.

It’s just SO STUPID.

To every woman out there who had a nasty tweet/comment/post about Eva’s distaste for sweat pants: you know damn well that had she said “Oh yah, I LOVE sweat pants… I wear them all the time!” you all would have jumped down her throat for being lazy.

“You can be a mom and still take CARE of yourself, you know!”

“With all her money you’d think she could afford to HIRE people to dress her and make her look good.”

“Wow – if she’s living in sweats she sure as hell doesn’t deserve someone as FINE as Ryan Gosling!”

Shall I go on?

Let’s just set something straight here… sweat pants ARE lazy. They are easy and comfortable and require zero effort. I would NOT wear them to a wedding, but I will wear them pretty much everywhere else. Sure, there are some really nice ones these days… ones that hug your butt and incite totally indecent thoughts in the minds of men everywhere. We call them yoga pants and try to make them sounds fancy, but they’re still lazy, and I’m the first to admit it.

But regardless of this fact, WHY do we need to take every opportunity to bash other women – especially when that woman is a new mom? In the same interview, Eva also talked about how no one should feel inadequate looking at her “new mom” photos. She reminds us that she has stylists and make up artists and people helping her pose, etc. (She didn’t mention photoshop, but come on… we all know.) She is aware that her situation is not “the norm” and she seems pretty grounded about the whole thing.

But of course we didn’t hear about any of that… just the joke about the sweat pants.

How DARE she! How dare she let the world know that she likes to feel feminine and put some EFFORT into her appearance! And (oh my god.. brace yourself) not only does she care how she looks, but she cares about looking good – FOR HER MAN! The horror!!

Honestly. Are you shaking your head yet?

It’s like you’re either a crazy man-basher or you’re a submissive, 1950s house wife. There’s no middle ground. Give me a break. Not only do I hate it when women attack each other, but when you’re going to attack someone like her it’s even stupider. That’s totally not a word, is it?

It’s even worse.

Eva Mendes has got her shit together, folks.

She is rich. She is successful. She is famous. She became a mother at the age of 40 after accomplishing many of her life goals, and she also happens to be co-parenting with one of the most lusted after men in the world.

Hey girl...

If this woman thinks that it’s good for her relationship to avoid sliding into laziness and sweatpants, well, maybe we should all take a cue! Things seem to be working out pretty well for her, after all.

None the less, she felt the need to apologize (unbelievable) to anyone who may have their delicate sensibilities offended by her comments…

eva mendes doesn't like sweat pants - hysterically ever after

You don’t need to apologize, Eva!! Rock your skirts, girlfriend… and for those of you rocking the sweat pants?
Go on with your bad self.

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