Accessory Storage – Front Hall Edition

Well, I have another “reworking” for you today. HAHA. Seriously… I should just never ever go with my first idea for anything. It’s just guaranteed to be erased and redone.

My poor first ideas… they could be GREAT, but it wouldn’t matter. They won’t last a month.

Which brings me to the front hall. I recently painted it and gave it a small makeover. It went from peach and boring to soft grey and functional. Here are a few “after” shots…

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

I am LOVING the new way that we’re using the space. Hanging the coats behind the front door instead of on a rack in plain sight is so much nicer. I also really enjoy the convenience of having a console table to place bags and lunch boxes when we are getting ready to leave or are coming inside. Overall, I’ve been 99% happy.

The only issue is those baskets you see in the photo above. I initially chose them (and their placement) because I wanted the kids to be able to put away their own hats and mitts. It was (I thought at the time) a cute and simple solution. But there were a few problems that I just couldn’t get past:

  • the hooks I used to secure them were flimsy and they fell off the wall repeatedly
  • the front door was banging into them when opened
  • we could only hang shorter items on the hooks above; longer coats had to go in the closet
  • our (enormous) dog kept stealing hats and gloves and chewing them before leaving them around the house

None of those issues were so serious that I was planning to change things any time soon, but then I was at Target… (I think all my stories start this way!) and I saw what I should have bought to begin with.

Front Hall Accessory Storage - hysterically ever after

I just noticed the huge dog paws in the photo. HA. He’s likely looking for mittens to eat. I’ve foiled your plan, huge dog!

As I’ve previously cried myself to sleep over mentioned, our Target stores here in Canada are closing, and thus, everything is marked down. These baskets were on sale for $1 each, so I grabbed three and dug through my spray paint collection.

So I gave the baskets a few coats and they turned out great. As for where they were going to go, well, the inside of the closet door had been a contender since the beginning of this makeover, but I wasn’t sure how to make it work. Our house is almost 70 years old and the doors are weak and hollow. There were no way I could attach metal hooks or drill through it, and I wasn’t sure how else I could secure something large enough. I also knew my husband would NOT be happy if I had heavy stuff hanging on the door.

It really stresses him out when I do that.

But these baskets are SUPER light, almost weightless, and I knew I could get them up there without jacking the hubs’ blood pressure. These 3M hooks were perfect. They require zero damage to the door, are super light and stick like glue while still being easily removable down the road.

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever after

Hooray! If there’s one thing I love, it’s HIDING OUR CRAP! This made me so very happy…

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever after

One for each kid, oldest at the top and youngest at the bottom for easy reaching. They can still put their own things away and these baskets actually hold even more than the original ones!

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever after

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever after

The baskets have been up on the door for about two weeks now, and they’re GREAT. My only concern was the 3M hooks holding up, but they’ve been just fine. There really isn’t much weight depending on them, so I’m sure that helps. I have to say, it’s awesome to close the door and have it all hidden, and the area behind the front door is looking a lot better too.

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever afterLooks a lot better than before, I can admit that…

front hall accessory storage - hysterically ever afterAnother great solution that cost $3 since I already had the paint. Oh and I had to buy the 3M hooks which was another $4 for a pack of six, so that’s a total of $7… not bad.

I can’t believe how well the closet is working for us since I ripped it out and redid it – I will have to do an update post on that. It’s gone from being the bane of my existence to being a GREAT storage space for this family of five, which I didn’t think was possible!

More on that next time…
xo Mary Beth


  1. says

    My first ideas never work either. Haha! I kind of go into them knowing that they’re the “primer” for my ACTUAL idea. 😉 In any case, I liked your foyer before, but this awesome! Now I wanna go find those baskets at Target and copy you. Our laundry room is a MESS. It has no hooks, shelves or ANY other type of organization. Just sheetrock. Something like that would be perfect. :)

    • Mary Beth says

      I love them because they’re SO light.. Both in weight and visually too. They’d be great in a laundry room! :)

  2. heatherlauraclarke says

    LOVE these baskets. I wish we were closer to Target (nearest one is a solid hour’s drive) so I could take advantage of the closing-out sales.

  3. says

    Really cool ideas! I especially like the hanger and the shoe baskets in the hallway! I’d love to make it in my hallway too! I am sick of all the shoes! Thanks for sharing! Greets, Storage Kew Ltd.

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