I Put a (New) Ring on It

A funny thing happened about six years ago…

I bought my husband his wedding band. Now this might not seem funny, but it is, and here is why…

While perusing a million websites and google images for the rings we wanted, Alex was very sure to show me specifically the ring that he LOVED, and also show me the kind of ring that he HATED, just for reference.

Can you see where this going at all???

I accidentally mixed them up.

Yah… I bought him the ring that he hated. Funniest part is, he didn’t tell me. He didn’t want to hurt my feelings so he wore that sucker for FIVE YEARS before finally admitting to me that he didn’t like it, and when I dug deeper to find out why, he told me what I had done and I wanted to DIE.

FIVE YEARS. He wore the ring that he hated for five years. LOL.

Valentines Day - hysterically ever after

Awww… I wonder what he was thinking here… “God I hate this ring.” LOL

He wore it through thick and thin, through good and bad, and through the birth of our babies…

Our honeymoon - August 2009

Our honeymoon – 2009. So thin. So tanned. So drunk. (I’m thin and tanned. Hubby is drunk.)

Baby Callum! Learning to pout, June 2010.

Baby Callum! Learning to pout, June 2010.

Four generations! Little Cal with his dad, his dad's dad and his dad's dad's dad!

Four generations! Little Cal with his dad, his dad’s dad and his dad’s dad’s dad!

Aw, Ella... I feel the same way when my ice cream is all gone!

Aw, Ella… I feel the same way when my ice cream is all gone! (OMG my house was so ugly.)

All through the years, the ring was there. What a trouper! haha. Admittedly, all these years I had no idea that I’d gotten the wrong one. Whoops. When I finally figured it out this past fall I knew it was time for an upgrade. This ring will never ever leave us – no way! It’s way too meaningful and we would never get rid of it, but it’s time to tuck it away…

Thanks for the memories, ring.

Thanks for the memories, ring.

You can likely see from the photo above why he didn’t love it… I got the one with the “brushed” finish. (Which, of course, at the time is what I thought he wanted.) It’s tungsten carbide – if you aren’t familiar with this metal it’s pretty awesome. It’s crazy strong and it’s also one of the most affordable styles of ring you can buy. So we loved the ring in that sense, but the style and colour was not what hubby wanted, and it really didn’t wear very well.

Alas, just in time for the commercial holiday that my husband refuses to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the new ring arrived!

Valentines Day - hysterically ever after

Hello, gorgeous!

I knew Alex would like it, it’s exactly what he wanted, but what I didn’t expect was how excited he would be to finally have it! lol.. he loves it, and that makes me happy. This one is also Tungsten, but it’s the “domed” style and has the simple polished finish.

So, maybe one day I can get a ring upgrade too? You know… just to be fair.

Hope everyone has a very happy Love Day tomorrow, and that whoever you love celebrates you EVERY day!


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