A Little Treat

The past few weeks have been void of much house progress. Boo. I’ve had one sick kid after another, a husband on a business trip, a massive snow storm that resulted in everyone at home and a Grandma whose heart decided to give her some trouble.

Because of this, I’m missing my projects – and my gym! I feel totally out of sync and unproductive, but I guess that just happens sometimes. You may notice, however, that I did find the time to finish making over the blog! I’ve spent a lot of time working on it in my spare moments, and I’m so very happy with how it’s coming along. I hope you like it!

So, without much else to offer up right now, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to with some pics, and a recipe!

The week started off pretty well. (There’s some foreshadowing for you!) There was playing in the snow, and lots of fun. When the kids came in with red noses and frosted eyelashes on Sunday morning I had an AMAZING treat waiting for them.

French Toast Roll Ups - hysterically ever after

Click HERE for the recipe!

I saw the these on Pinterest a while ago, and I had been wanting to try them. We made the ones with cream cheese and strawberries, and they were divine. So yummy! Easy to make, easy to clean up and everyone loved them. This recipe is a keeper.

But things kind of went downhill from there. On Wednesday of last week I went to pick Cal up from school, and he was curled up in the snow looking half asleep while the kids played! Poor bug… I asked him what was wrong and before he had a chance to tell me, well, he got sick. Not sure what happened, but the little guy couldn’t keep down so much as a sip of water for more than 30 seconds. It lasted for 12 hours, and then just stopped! It was a rough 12 hours though… and messy. So very messy.

The day that Cal got sick was also my husband’s 36th birthday – his gift was vomit.

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

… and cupcakes. I made him cupcakes.

Poor Cal, he had been so excited to help me bake them and celebrate with his Daddy, but he was so sick…

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

Resting by the glow of the birthday candles…

When the kids are sick I always make them a “nest”… pillows, blankies, books or ipads, etc. So here is my little guy in his nest, feeling much better the next day.

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

While Callum was busy recuperating, I tried to keep Ella busy. These magnetic tiles are the COOLEST thing ever and we have spent hours building the coolest towers and houses. These are technically Cal’s, but with him being sick Ella was finally able to get her little paws on them! lol

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

This one is bittersweet… as many of you know, we here in Canada are losing our Target stores. (This is very difficult for me to talk about… I’m in pain, people.) So this past week they began the liquidation process. There’s not too much worth checking out just yet, the prices will drop more and more in the weeks to come, but I did pop over on the first day and found this:

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

This carpet is big – almost 7 x 10 feet – and I got it for 30% off so it came it right around $110. I LOVE it and we really needed a new rug for the family room, but now that I have it home I don’t want to use it. LOL. My kids are maniacs, and I think I will save it to put down right when we go to list the house. It will just get ruined otherwise.

After a few days or recovery, little dude was feeling well enough to go to soccer. He just started this year and he LOVES it! For some reason, his big thrill is being the first one to arrive. He spends a few minutes running all over the field like the Tasmanian devil and I couldn’t even get him to stop for a photo…

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

Oh and finally, there was the morning that I sold my soul to the “devices devil” for a moment of peace over breakfast… #dontjudgemylife

My week in photos - Hysterically Ever After

So that’s been my this week. My oldest has been with her dad, so she hasn’t made it into this bunch of pics, but I always make up for that when she returns! I also have a SUPER awesome project that I’m starting tomorrow – it’s pretty big, and I’m really excited. I will be back with an update on that one asap!



  1. heatherlauraclarke says

    The blog design looks great! I’m also sad about losing our Targets. :( Where will we get YHL-inspired items now?! #canadianproblems

    • Mary Beth says

      I know, I am SO sad. I can’t believe how short lived it was – such a shame. I guess I will be heading back to HomeSense once again!
      Glad you like the new layout – thank you!

  2. Cara says

    Loved this post! But especially the pic of Callum on the soccer field. I’ve also been meaning to check out the target sales…but it’s a bit of a hike from home :(

    • Mary Beth says

      It might be worth the drive in a few weeks when the prices really start dropping.. Keep your eyes peeled! (I hate that expression… lol)

  3. says

    Those magnetic toys are the BEST! Lucas has some at my In-laws house. He calls them “sticky toys”. Haha! Glad everyone is starting to feel better and I’m so sorry about Target. That’s a major bummer.

    • Mary Beth says

      OMG Christina… I was SO EXCITED when Target came here, you don’t understand! And despite what a lot of other Canadians thought, I absolutely loved it. People keep saying “Well WalMart must be happy they’re leaving!” – WalMart wasn’t even in their league! I am so bummed. It was like my happy place.

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