Front Hall Design – Redux (pt 2)

***SNOW DAY!***

Wow – this never happens. It’s one thing to have the buses be canceled, but up here in the great white north it takes a LOT to actually CLOSE THE SCHOOLS. As my son’s teacher just tweeted, “You’re a part of history, kids!” Hopefully the snow will eventually calm. the. heck. down and we can get outside for some fun, but until then we are (all five of us) trapped in this house together.

Daddy’s working, the kids are playing Minecraft and mama’s blogging. So far so good!

Back to business… the other day I showed you half of my front hall makeover… but there was too much to cover so I decided to show you the other half in a separate post!

The second half of the hallway is where we enter the house. As I have mentioned many times, we do NOT have much space in this home, and it’s my biggest complaint. There are two adults, three kids, two dogs and a cat… lol. Space is at a premium and I have to think smart!

When we bought the house, there was just nothing in the hall. Zero. I think they had a mirror on the wall, that was it. So when we moved in I added some hooks and temporary shoe storage (not to mention a very oddly placed candle??).

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

Just plain. Nothing exciting. The only thing of note is the odd, pinky peach colour on the walls. We didn’t even notice how bad it was until we had a runner installed on the stairs. We chose a really nice beige berber, and once it was next to the walls they became decidedly pink.

No bueno.

But, we lived with the weird walls for SIX YEARS before I’d had enough. During that time, this hallway saw a few revisions…

First, I installed a shoe cabinet from IKEA for storage:

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

We didn’t use it for shoes of course, that would make TOO much sense. We used it for kid and dog stuff… hats, gloves, scarves, ball caps, leashes, sunglasses and skipping ropes. It was a good choice because it was such a slim piece of furniture that fit so well behind the door.

Then above that, I added one of my pride and joy pieces – the old window that I picked up at an antique market. You can read all about it HERE. I love love love it!!

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

So things worked fairly well this way for a couple of years, but like anything, this set up had its flaws.

  • the front door always slammed open into the cabinet
  • the prettiest part of the hall was hidden behind the door, whereas the ugly rack of coats and junk was the first thing you saw
  • when I ripped apart and reconstructed our hall closet, I didn’t have such a great need for additional storage
  • the cabinet blocked an outlet that we often used for both the vacuum and Christmas lights, as well as the lamp you see above.

Which leads me to the latest changes…

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

The outlet is no longer blocked, the door isn’t banging into any furniture, the mess of coats is hidden away behind the front door and best of all – the kids can put away THEIR OWN stuff because I added some baskets down low that they can easily reach.

(And no, I didn’t plan my kids’ initials to spell out ETC, and yes, I LOVE that they do! HAHA)

The shelf with hooks I’ve had lying around for almost a decade (they’re from HomeSense) and I’ve never found a spot for it. It’s got a great spot up top to drop keys and stuff when you come in, and I added my favourite candle too.

Can you tell I like to pretend that I DON'T live in a place with frigid winters?

Can you tell I like to pretend that I DON’T live in a place with frigid winters?

So now when you walk in the door, the first thing you see is this:

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

When it used to be this:

Front hall makeover - Hysterically Ever After

And trust me, that coat rack typically had 17 jackets and 2 school bags hanging off it. It was ugly.

I think it’s a better – and prettier – use of the space. Once summer comes (is it EVER going to come? EVER?) we won’t even really need a place to hang coats anyway, so that rack would just be sitting there like a huge metal sculpture.  And the baskets can go from holding hats and mitts to holding ball caps, sunglasses and Crocs. When we go to sell the house I will likely remove the baskets altogether and patch the holes, but for us it’s a great solution and it lets the kids put their own things away!

So that’s the full reveal, folks! Nothing ground breaking, and certainly nothing expensive, but a makeover none the less.

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I’m guessing for many people that hinged on if you were cheering for the Hawks or the Pats! I actually watched some of the game this year, and the halftime show was amazing. It seems that people are mixed on it though – what did you think???


  1. says

    Nice, MB! I need to label our baskets, too. Somehow my husband ends up monopolizing everything if I don’t. Haha! Anyways, both parts of the makeover look great! What a cute foyer!! And I loved the halftime show! It was the only part of the game I watched. :)

    • Mary Beth says

      Thanks Christina! lol – I was just about to post on your lawyer cabinet entry! It’s GORGEOUS. My sister has one like that and it’s never been painted, it’s so beautiful.
      I labeled those baskets for about $1… I just bought little wood letters from Michaels, painted them and glue gunned them on.
      Glad you liked the halftime show – Missy Elliott was SO AWESOME! Old school… so great.

      • Christina Ramsden says

        CHRISTINA’S FOYER LAWYER CABINET IS AMAZING (it’s very fun to say that out loud).

        And who, in our odd family, is the sister that owns one of those bad boys?? I am the sister who is going to be a lawyer after all, and I think it’s only right that I own a magnificent piece of furniture like that… *spends the rest of the afternoon on craigslist instead of studying*

        Also, your place looks great too 😉

      • Mary Beth says

        Hahahaha – I only have one other sister to speak of! Justine has it. It’s so pretty. And yah you should read Christina’s (the other one) blog. lol. She’s so sweet and I LOVE her house.
        Have fun on Craigslist! xo

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