Front Hall Design – Redux (pt 1)

It hasn’t been that long since I gave my front hall a makeover, but here I am… showing you the latest!

Front hall makeover - Hysterically Ever After

So many changes… so much to explain!

I’m going to have to break this update into two posts since there’s just so much to share. LOL.

When I last updated this hallway, I was bursting with colour MADNESS after jumping on the Young House Love bandwagon. I admit it, I went a little crazy once I realized that not all decor had to be bathed in browns and earth tones. So in my excitement, I feel like I swung a little too far on the pendulum and ended up over doing things a bit.

Let’s begin with the bench.

Front hall makeover - Hysterically Ever After

It’s a cool idea, and I still love that I used a shower curtain. It was so easy to clean and I did like it… but after a while I was just kind of over the bold colour and pattern. Nothing else in the hall matched it, it was too much.

Front hall makeover - Hysterically Ever After

But let’s be honest… nothing was going to match the oddly pink toned walls that we inherited with this house.

So, the bench got a makeover – and so did everything else. I started with the paint. Because we are hoping to sell in the near future, I just used what I had on hand, and what was leftover from when I redecorated the living room. (Luckily the paint remained the same when I redecorated the room again about a month later.. lol) It’s “Gray Horse” by Benjamin Moore.

Front Hall makeover - Hysterically Ever After

This colour is pretty much our entire main floor. It’s a nice soft gray with a hint of blue depending on the lighting. So I just carried it into the hallway, and I painted the stair spindles as well. Here’s the “before”…

mmmm… peachy!

So once the paint was updated (I still have to take it all the way up the stairs and into the hallway up there…) I reupholstered the bench with a gorgeous fabric that I got on sale for $8…

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

I love how it’s beautiful and simple. It’s got the gray tones but it also has hints of blue and lavendar… it’s so pretty! Once that was done, I was going to leave it at that, but then something kind of funny happened!

I decided to get rid of my desk.

I never use it and it’s essentially become a place to pile junk in the family room, so I made the choice to let it go. I dragged it into the hall to take some photos since the light is so great in there…

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

Well, lo and behold, as soon as I got it in there I had a bit of an epiphany. I realized that it would fit perfectly in that little corner, and not only that, but the bench would slide right in underneath it! A great solution to a few problems…

– I need a bench, but it’s not always used. Being able to tuck it away is awesome.
– Our entry way has no spot to place items when you come in. Purses, grocery bags, etc.  It’s so luxurious now!
– For the last few years, when you enter the house the first thing you saw was hanging coats and bags. It looked junky.

So I’m thrilled with how practical AND pretty the space is now!

I painted the desk white and distressed it around the edges, just to give it that imperfect look that I find works with our house…

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after
I meant to paint it long ago, and now I wish I had! It looks great, and it’s so functional now in its new home. Naturally I did all of this while my husband was away on business this week. :) I typically get my projects done when I’m alone. My next post I will show you the other end of the hall where the front door is – I made over that area too! But for now, I’m loving my new hall.

front hall makeover - hysterically ever after

Hope you like the mini-makeover so far – it’s amazing what a can of paint of some existing furniture can do. This makeover cost me $8 for fabric and that’s it!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone…


  1. Christina Ramsden says

    That fabric! A+

    And the new paint! The stairs look incredible with the white spindles too!
    I love all of it.

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