DIY: No-Sew Curtains From a Table Cloth!

I’ve been dying to try out some super cool curtain options I’ve been seeing on Pinterest lately… making them out of bedsheets and swaths of fabric seems so simple, and with things like fabric tape and glue guns it seems like it couldn’t be any easier! So when I was at Target a while back with my favourite shopping partner, I was keeping my eyes open for ideas.

Samsung Oct 6 2015 112I didn’t see much of anything in the bedding section… most of the sheets come in sets with a fitted sheet and pillow cases, so they cost upwards of $40 and come with stuff I don’t need. But THEN I found myself amongst the kitchen stuff, and BINGO!

Samsung Oct 6 2015 109I loved it as soon as I saw it, and it was marked down to $7.99! The problem was finding a second one for panel number two, but after some digging I managed to nab the last one. Perfect! Hubby loves birds, and the colours were really a great match for our main floor. My plan was to hang them using drapery ring clips, but when I got home I realized that my window casings sit RIGHT at my ceiling, so to have the rod and then the clips made the curtains way too low.

So, I decided to cut some strips of ribbon and simply glue gun them to the back of each panel, creating tabs:

processI just eye-balled where I wanted them to be, I rarely measure anything. Once that was done I got up on a chair and got them up! LOVE them.. they’re so cute and they do a great job of tying in the the colours of the room really well.



SONY DSCThey’re a great addition to the room and the make me smile. For so little money, you can’t really go wrong. It only took about ten minutes to cut the ribbon and adhere it, so this was a ridiculously simple project that really made a big difference! The bottoms still need to be hemmed, and I haven’t gotten around to that part yet. They’re only a few inches too long, so I could go with the “puddle” look, but I am not a fan, and with two dogs and hardwood floors that’s just begging for hair balls. Gross.

To hem them I will keep with the “no sew” theme and use some iron-on hem adhesive. You simply fold the fabric to the length you want, place the adhesive strip in between and iron to seal it. Super easy!

BIGHave you ever made drapes from something not at all intended to be drapes? LOL.. I admit, this isn’t my first time at the rodeo. A while back I made a kitchen valance from a shower curtain. I’m nothing if not cheap creative!



  1. K says

    Love these! They really add to the room. I’ve seen the matching bedding there and love the colors and print. Ironically, I think birds are kinda creepy in person but I love them as a decor motif ;p

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