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Well, folks, it’s Thanksgiving today in Canadialand, and while I’m chock full o’ gratitude for my wonderful family and friends, I also like to take a moment to truly appreciate the things that REALLY make my days bright. You know, important stuff – like lip balm and and trips to Target!



I wrote a “thankful” post two years ago along the same lines… you can see it HERE. Basically we all know that we are unendingly grateful for the people, health, wealth and happiness in our lives – it should go without saying, shouldn’t it? This holiday is not lost on me… I cannot WAIT to see my entire family later this afternoon when we will all gather around the 30 foot long table that my mother has set up. We will talk and laugh and eat and there will be numerous moments when I will glance around me and have to fight back tears as I take it all in. Trust me – I am beyond thankful.

But I also would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the little things that make me smile on the daily! I think it’s important to notice the little things too, and acknowledge their role in helping me through the day.

First off, let’s just cut to the chase.


Yup. I know we’re supposed to “live in the moment” and stuff… but when I lie my head down at night, I’m already looking forward to my morning coffee! Thank you, coffee. Thank you so very much. You just keep being you – never change.

You know what else I couldn’t live with out? This guy right here…

Dyson DC62 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Dyson DC62 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Oh man. No, I am not compensated in ANY WAY for loving this animal. I just do. So much. I always say to my husband that I don’t need much, but I am a vacuum snob. I will wear thrift store clothes, but I NEED a $600 vacuum. I really do. Three kids, two dogs, one cat… and no carpet. I am vacuuming about three times a day, and this makes it SO much easier! It’s so light, it fits under absolutely everything and it’s quiet literally the one thing I would grab in a fire. (After anything that breathes, obviously.)

Next up? My wheels. Yup… I drive a 2002 Pontiac Montana and I am so freaking grateful that I have a car!

I’ve driven brand new cars since the second vehicle I ever owned, but when it was time to return my last one at the end of its lease (oh 2008 Pontiac Vibe, I miss you so…) this van was in my husband’s family and it just made a lot of sense to go with it. I was pregnant with my third baby and it was time to go for cheaper and bigger. It might not be the snazziest car around, but I would honestly be a mess if I couldn’t drive.

Besides… having a van might not be cool, but it sure does come in handy when I see some furniture on the side of the road!

"Don't tell Daddy!"

“Don’t tell Daddy!”

I’m also super, super, crazy thankful for this blog. If I didn’t have a place of my own to write and share my thoughts and ideas I’d go nuts. It’s never not always easy for me to make the time for it, but I do. One day I am determined to have a beautiful little home office where I can be creative and dedicate even more time to this place, but for now I am just so happy to have a laptop and a sofa to sit on. I’m think I’m pretty lucky that anyone is interested in what I have to say!

thankful for you

There’s a lot floating around in my head on these holidays. I am missing the family that I’m not able to see, either because of distance or the fact that they’re no longer with us. I miss my grandparents terribly and I remember my holidays with them so fondly. I LOVE being around family and that’s always my favourite part of these events.

Yesterday I stopped by my mom’s house while she was prepping for today’s meal. I couldn’t help but have a full heart at what I saw. Twenty five years ago we had our first Thanksgiving in her house. There was six of us – my mom and step dad, me, my step sister and my two step brothers. A lot has changed in those 25 years…

tableI walked in yesterday and just shook my head and smiled. Look at that set up! It made me laugh, and it made me thankful. Life is beautiful Рthat photo above proves it and I will spend my day today being grateful not only for coffee and vacuums, but for the important stuff too.  Like turkey and veal!!

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians!

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